7 Brand New Freshdesk Features to Boost Your Productivity

As a customer support agent, we understand that you have to deal with lots of tickets lined up in your queue, every day. And it only seems to get longer by the day, doesn’t it? And then, there is the daunting task of having to resolve each one of them within SLA. While you can’t possibly control the ticket volume, you surely can control how effectively you manage them. There are plenty of ways within Freshdesk that let you multitask, bring context to every conversation, set up smart reminders, and do so much more.

Here are 7 new features that were built to supercharge your productivity so that you can do what you do best — supporting customers. Let me walk you through them and help you set them up right away.

#1  Reminders for Your To-do List

A good number of times – your customers might ask you to follow up at a later date or time, when they’re available. For example, you might want to follow up with your logistics providers to check on a package that was not delivered on time. We’ve just launched the ability to add reminders for the to-do that you’ve set in Freshdesk. When your customers ask you to call them or reach out to them at a specific time, you can add a to-do in any ticket, and set a reminder against it.

You’ll receive a notification inside Freshdesk and over email when the task is due.

Freshdesk customer support-reminders

#2 Table View Customization

Table view helps you prioritize tickets you need to work on, without having to open each ticket.

With this view, you can customize what you see in the ticket list in a way that works for your business. Let’s say you have a custom field that shows whether the ticket is from a high value customer, you can add that to the table view so agents will know to pick that ticket first.

We’ve also added a column ‘waiting since’ which shows you how long it’s been since the last customer response on that ticket.  

Freshdesk customer support-Tableview

#3 Quick Actions in Ticket Replies

If you’re a keyboard person, inserting canned responses and solution articles when you’re responding to customers just got a whole lot easier! With quick actions, you can type /c or /s to quickly search for a canned response or a solution article when you’re replying to a ticket, and insert it right away.

Freshdesk customer support

#4 Annotate Images

Good screenshots and great support go hand-in-hand, it’s easier to explain something with an image. It’s quite tiring to take a screenshot, upload it to a tool, add callouts and text, and then insert it again into Freshdesk.

From now on, when you insert an image or upload an attachment, you’ll have the option of annotating the image with text to describe steps, add shapes to bring attention to certain areas or blur out details you don’t want your customers to see. All within Freshdesk.

Freshdesk customer support-image annotations

#5 Customer Journey

The next time you have a customer raising a ticket from your portal, you’ll see a trail of the last five solution articles they’ve read. You can get an idea of what help content they’ve already seen and you can tweak your responses appropriately.  

A warning will also appear if you’re trying to insert an article they had already read.

Freshdesk customer support-Customer_Journey

#6 Summary App

Sometimes, conversations with customers extend to several interactions. Support teams, when collaborating with engineering or other teams to resolve the customers’ problems, typically summarize issues with all the information they have to help other teams troubleshoot the issue.

Our own teams use private notes to put together the information they’ve collected as customers responded, and it was quite difficult for engineering teams to scour through responses to find that private note with the summary. The Summary app adds a section on top of the ticket which teams can use to write down a summary of problems reported, inside a ticket.

Freshdesk customer support-summary_app

#7 Google Hangouts Chat Integration

Hangouts Chat launched recently and Freshdesk already works seamlessly with it. Once you enable the integration, you can get notified when customers respond or when tickets are updated, right inside Hangouts Chat.

Freshdesk customer support-hangouts_chat

What’s Your Favourite Feature?

There are plenty of such other features that can make ticket management and customer support a breeze for you. If you are already using any of the features I’ve mentioned in this post, tell us how it helps your team boost their productivity. Or perhaps you have your own list of favorite Freshdesk features? Tell us how you use them and how they make support easier for you.

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