The Features You Have Been Waiting For

As Freshdesk users, you constantly provide us with great feedback as our product evolves. Your feedback influences every decision we make as a product team.

We recently visited some of our most popular feature requests and we’re excited to be introducing features that many of you had been waiting for. Starting from setting up your account, supervising your team every day, to scaling your support team, working with Freshdesk becomes easier with these feature additions. Let me walk you through them and show how they can help your team.

Manage Customer Segments Efficiently

The responsibility of providing personalized support experience doesn’t stop with agents. What if your entire account can be automated in a way that provides unique experiences to customers depending on who they are?

With Customer Segments in Freshdesk, you can now easily segment your customers and have specific workflows for each of them. As an example, let’s say you are an e-commerce company and you run a loyalty program. To start with, you can configure Freshdesk to send specific automatic emails to customers subscribed to this loyalty program. Additionally, issues raised by customers in this segment can be given priority or assigned to agents who are better equipped at handling their questions.

Let Agents be their Own Boss

Can you imagine an F1 racer slowing down to check their position in a race? Sounds absurd, doesn’t it? A racer’s pit crew constantly speaks to them about their position on the track and performance during a race so they know exactly how to improvise and win.

Likewise, support agents at many companies depend on a supervisor to get access to their performance reports. It’s common for support managers to help agents in guiding them to maintain good metrics.

With team dashboards, agents needn’t depend on a supervisor for guidance. Supervisors can display relevant metrics and trends for the entire team to see. Being able to see where they stand will motivate agents to stay on top of their metrics every day.

Like warning signals in a car, the dashboard alerts you when important support metrics go off the charts. As an example, you might see a sudden rise in the number of issues being reported about your website. The color codes on the dashboard help bring it to your attention before matters escalate.

freshdesk mintTest New Changes in a Safe Space

Imagine having spent months carefully setting up workflows in your account. You have a sizeable number of automations that are working well for your team. Tickets are being assigned to the right agents and your customers get the right automatic emails.

As your team evolves, you realize that there’s a need to create an extra automation rule and modify assignments rules. Justifiably, you’re worried that anything that you’ve set up already will break. There’s a risk that your team’s work gets affected. Even worse, your customers’ experience can get compromised.

With Freshdesk Sandbox, you can create a replica of your live Freshdesk account. Support managers can make changes to workflows to try and test new features without worrying about any possible downside. Once you’re confident that your tests work as expected, you can then implement the changes in your live Freshdesk account. It’s as simple as that.

Be Confident of your Account’s Security

Ever wondered if someone has accidentally edited something that you had configured in your account? You need to revert the changes, but you’re not quite certain of the changes that were made.

With audit logs, all admins will be able to track changes made to important modules in your account. These logs will now assist admins to go back to an older working setup if the latest changes, made by another admin.

Make GDPR Compliance Simple

This is our last mention of GDPR. We promise.

When your customers ask you to remove their data from your company records, you’re required to delete their details from Freshdesk. You can easily delete a customer record permanently with a simple click on Freshdesk Mint. No complex APIs, no support requests, no sweat.

Have You had a Chance to Try Them Out?

Give these features a try and let us know what you think. You should head to this page if you’re curious to know about some of the features we rolled out recently. If you’ve already tried them out, let us know what you think in the comments below.