Freshdesk and GitHub: Tech support made easier

“Dear customer, it’s impossible to simultaneously know the status and the nature of the bug you reported.”

No, you would not spill the beans like that, but most tech support reps draw near Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle when they’re compelled to don hats of both an empathetic support rep and a product developer.

Dealing with complex technical queries in customer support demands a concerted effort from the development and the support team. When there isn’t a practical way to keep the dev team updated of customer demands right within your help desk, with time, the problem is sure to snowball into a major roadblock. A lapse in communication leads to recording fewer issues, unsuspecting bugs creep into production, your attention freezes over eliminating them, customers turn frustrated and bam! your support costs soar.

Here at Freshdesk, it was obvious that we should connect the two to streamline activities within the help desk. We wanted you to have the finest experience supporting your customers without having to break a sweat over tracking and resolving issues while keeping your agents and developers in the loop.

So, in an effort to put an end to all your bug and issue tracking woes, we’ve brought in GitHub integration to give a leg up to your tech support.

Track bugs, fix issues and make customers happy in one fell swoop with the Freshdesk-GitHub integration

The Freshdesk-GitHub integration solves your collaboration problems without much effort on your side. With options to set milestones, track and resolve GitHub issues, the integration ensures both your accounts stay in sync with each other, all under one roof. Every reply or note on your Freshdesk tickets gets reflected as comments in the linked GitHub issue and vice versa.

Eliminate the tedious task of shuttling across bays to get input and updates from your development team. Add up to 20 GitHub repositories to your Freshdesk account and share links, attachments associated with the tickets so that developers can chime in to support as necessary.


Learn more about the integration and how to set it up in your Freshdesk account.

Go ahead. Take it for a spin. Bring an all-hands approach to customer support.

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One thought on “Freshdesk and GitHub: Tech support made easier

  1. This is not working with new UI (the so called Mint experience) and it’s been like that for months now.