Your support now shares your drive for customer happiness

Going the extra mile for a customer is one of the highlights of being a support rep. You get a chance to be a hero, a chance to turn the day around for someone, a chance to make someone deliriously happy just by doing your job. That’s almost the perfect job, and it would be if I couldn’t be Willy Wonka, Elon Musk or the owner of a LEGO store.

But being a rockstar support rep comes with its own perils. Sometimes, going the extra mile means that you have to do just about everything to make your customers happy. That means there’s no step-by-step video detailed enough for you to hesitate recording, no comprehensive guide you’ll hesitate to fetch (or create) yourself and no information dump too large for you to have doubts about exporting it to them.

The only catch? Your helpdesk and its attachment limit.

Let’s face it. Your helpdesk’s attachment restrictions don’t share your drive to solve customer problems. Every time you try to attach a file that’s over 15 megabytes, it grinds to a halt. And you have no choice but to leave the helpdesk to use a third party service, wait for ages while the file gets uploaded (and hope that it doesn’t fail) and send it over to the customer. A few days of this and even the best job in the world just isn’t worth it anymore. And the worst part is, it simply gobbles up your time – time that could be much better spent solving another customer’s problems.

Thanks to Freshdesk and Google Drive, however, this changes today.

File size restrictions are now a thing of the past with the Freshdesk-Google Drive integration

The Freshdesk-Google Drive integration enables agents and customers, alike, to attach files from their Drive to their ticket, just like they would any old file! The best part is, if you’re using Google Apps at work, chances are that you already have all your guides and screencasts and docs on Drive already, ready to share with the world and make a customer’s life infinitely easier. So, all you really have to do, now, is click on the “Attach files from Google Drive”, select the file, and you’re golden!

On the off chance that you do need to upload something to Drive, you don’t need to worry about attachment limits because Google Drive allows you upto 5TB per file for its uploads (you read that right). Even if you have an enthusiastic bunch of employees who’re eating up all your free space, you don’t have to worry because Google Drive Unlimited’s got your back.

Freshdesk's tightly integrated with Google Drive


The only thing you need to do is make sure that both the agent and the customer have a Gmail (or Google Apps) account – mandatory for the integration.

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