Moving the Needle with Freshdesk and G Suite

When Freshdesk was founded back in 2010, we had one primary objective: make it easier for businesses to take care of their customers. Now, 6 years and 4 products later, we have grown larger and widened our repertoire, but our core belief remains the same: To provide tools essential for every business to deliver amazing customer service.

In accordance with our mission statement, we have always put the needs of customers first and have left no stone unturned in our quest to build a world class service on the cloud. Our relationship with Google has been strengthened with the inclusion of Freshdesk as a recommended app for Google’s G Suite, a set of intelligent apps—Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts, and more. This addition makes it that much simpler for business all around the world to find the perfect G Suite-Freshdesk integration workflow for their use cases.

But what is the Recommended for G Suite program?

G Suite (formerly called Google Apps) for businesses, are a great starting point for any business and are widely adopted across the globe.

With the Recommended for G Suite program, Google helps customers find the app they need to manage all aspects of their business in the cloud. By integrating these apps with G Suite, customers can streamline workflows and increase productivity.

What does it mean for Freshdesk?

Our principle of putting the needs of our customer first has borne us fruit, as we see a large majority of our customer base using the power of G Suite to power their businesses and win customer love.

One of our customers, Cloudbakers, was using several disparate systems which made it challenging to manage their business. They were already users of Google’s single sign on feature, and Gmail Gadgets. The adoption of Freshdesk and G Suite helped them overcome these troubles.They were able to continue using those features with Freshdesk, creating a seamless experience and a happy customer.

We hope that the inclusion of Freshdesk in Google’s Recommended for G Suite program will pave the way for several newer businesses to discover our cloud-based solution and help them streamline their support. This announcement aligns with our mission of making it easier for businesses to take care of their customers, and as we intend to reach a wider pool of customers, we hope we are successful in helping them take their business to newer heights.

Find out for yourself what magic you can work, with Freshdesk and G Suite. Sign up here to give it a test run!