Holiday Updates to the Freshdesk Android app

Our goal with Freshdesk, from the very beginning, has been to make sure that you have everything you need to engage with your customers, no matter where they or you are – be it on the drive home, at the dinner table or on a vacation. And to that end, we’ve added channels and introduced features to make sure that you can make your customers happy no matter where you are or what you’re up to. We are by no means done, but with the launch of Freshdesk 3.2 on Android, we’re getting closer.

This holiday season, we’re happy to announce that working on tickets, surfacing information about customers and collaborating with your team is now easier than ever! Here’s what’s new:

The fastest way to collaborate on tickets… yet!

Making customers happy is often a concerted effort: support agents work closely with product management, developers and other teams to make sure bugs get fixed quicker, features roll out faster, refunds get refunded more quickly and so on. That’s why we’re adding a brand new Share button to the Android app to make sharing tickets with other teams effortless.

Freshdesk 3.2 Update - Sharing Tickets

So, the next time your customers report a bug, you don’t have to pull out your laptop to send the public ticket URL to your QA lead. All you have to do now is hit Share and choose the the task management app that your QA team uses to shoot it over, in a matter of seconds.

Deeplinking: ticket links will now be able to find their way home.

Mobile browsers are so 2012. We know you prefer having dedicated apps to get things done on the move, so it’s fair you’d expect tickets to load on Freshdesk.

Freshdesk 3.2: Deeplinking

From now on, the Freshdesk app will offer to open up conversations for you when you tap on a ticket link in your inbox or elsewhere. You can even set it up so that the app opens tickets by default so that the next time you click on a link, you’re taken to Freshdesk’s familiar interface so you can get your job done faster.

Here’s a handy solution article to help you get started.

Please note that this works for portals with the URL *, and not for vanity URLs just yet. We want to provide the best experience possible for customers with vanity URLs, and we will share an update on that, soon.

Customers tab, reloaded

If you’re a field agent, you’re probably visiting customers day in and day out to troubleshoot problems. And we know that one of the biggest pet peeves for field agents, with Freshdesk on their phones, is that you can’t view and edit information about requesters, on the Customers tab, when you’re on the go. Freshdesk 3.2 is all about making life easier for you.

With 3.2, you can view and edit both default and custom fields for contacts and default fields for the company they’re associated with. And if you’d like to review their recent tickets, the last ten are just a swipe away. Tap on the pencil icon on top to edit any of the default and custom contact fields (including adding notes), and company default fields, whenever you want.

Here’s a solution article to help you get started.

Customers Tab for Android

Walking out to meet a customer in the next hour? No problem, just tap on the Directions icon and Google Maps will open up instantly showing you the route. Need to call them to let them know you’re on the way? Tap on the phone number and do it from our phone channel the next second. It’s as easy as pie.

Editing due dates – tap, tap and you’re done!

Before 3.2, changing due dates was comparable to a Herculean labor. You had to pull up your laptop, open the app and find the ticket to change the due date and time on a ticket. Now, all you have to do is tap on the three dots when you’re viewing a ticket and choose ‘edit due date’.

If you’ve ever changed due dates for tickets on the web, this is a piece of cake – you can set the due date to today, tomorrow, this week or the next week with just a tap.

If you’d like to choose a specific date and time instead, it’s pretty simple, too: another tap on ‘specific date and time’ and you’re done.

SSO and SAML logins, now supported

Now, when SSO and SAML users enter a helpdesk URL to log into the app, the app will automatically take them to the login page set up by their business. Getting cracking on tickets is a simple matter of just keying in your credentials now.

Users can also continue to use their Freshdesk, Google or Facebook credentials to login to your help desk, just like always.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Version 3.2 also features a number of bug fixes and improvements across tickets, phones and features. The best part?

It should be arriving any moment now on your phone; you can choose to wait for it or open up the Play Store to manually download the update. Make sure to drop us a review in the Play Store, if it rocks your world.

May the Force be with you.