Six new Freshdesk integrations to spruce up your support

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The Freshdesk team has been busy this year integrating Freshdesk to the apps you told us were most important to you. In July, we announced integrations with Shopify, WebCommerce, Magento, and OneSky. We also deepened integrations with Google’s suite of Apps for Work including Gmail, Hangouts, Drive, and Calendar. Today we want to tell you about six more integrations that will help you better support your customers:

Get the feedback you need with custom SurveyMonkey surveys

Are your customers happy? Find out with the new Freshdesk-SurveyMonkey integration. Now, you can easily customize your surveys for specific groups of customers.  And just like the default satisfaction survey that Freshdesk provides you with out of the box, you can choose to send this survey out automatically when a ticket is closed/resolved. Freshdesk customers who use SurveyMonkey’s Net Promoter Score survey template can also receive free access to SurveyMonkey’s Benchmarks, to compare results with industry averages.

Receive instant ticket updates in your HipChat chatroom

Never miss out on a ticket update even as you talk strategy, features and bug reports with your colleagues. If your distributed team uses HipChat to stay in sync, the HipChat-Freshdesk integration now makes it possible for your agents to get real-time ticket updates and new ticket notifications without having to leave your chat room to check. Here’s a solution article that’ll help you get started.



Pull up powerful reports with Easy Insight

Expand your Freshdesk reports with business intelligence from Easy Insight. The Freshdesk-Easy Insight integration provides deeper insights into your critical business metrics by letting you pull up comprehensive reports. With this integration, you can see key performance indicators, current open tickets by assignee and priority, the average number of interactions each agent needs to solve a ticket, and more. Easy Insight also provides you with a searchable table of your tickets and comments, thus making it easy to find what you need.  You can also filter reports based on responder name, status, requester and source name. Get more info on how to access powerful reports and get deeper insights from your Freshdesk data from here.

Easy Insight and Freshdesk integration

Make sure customer order history is never more than a widget away with the SEOshop Integration

With the Freshdesk-SEOshop integration, your agents can now see customer order information from SEOshop right inside their help desk. No need to ask your customers for order information unnecessarily – it’s all right there in front of them. With this info readily available, your agents can also offer more relevant discounts and suggestions based on their orders. Here’s how you can connect your SEOshop store to your helpdesk.

The Freshdesk-SEOshop Integration


Find out who spends how much time doing what with Time Camp

Track your support team’s efficiency by monitoring how much time they take to solve various tickets. With TimeCamp, you get to know your agents’ strengths and weaknesses and which tickets are most costly overall. You can also automatically invoice your customers through Time Camp. The best part is that, with Time Camp, you can automatically track time by setting up rules that track unique keywords (the ticket’s subject for example). Curious about how you can integrate your helpdesk with Time Camp? The directions are here.

The Freshdesk-Time Camp integrationDisplay contact information right inside the ticket view with the Insightly plug

With the Freshdesk-Insightly plug, your agents can view customer contact information, like name, email address, organization, contact status etc. from Insightly, right inside the ticket view! This way, your support team knows exactly who they’re talking to and which sales rep is handling them without ever leaving the comfort of your helpdesk. Agents can not only see customer contact details but they can also track tasks, set their status and priority right from the helpdesk. Here’s how you can connect your Insightly account to Freshdesk.

Display contact info right inside the ticket view with Insightly

If you have any questions or specific integration requests, feel free to write to us at Or drop us a line below in the comments. We’re always happy to help!

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  • Are you also working on deep native integration with Slack, similar to what you have for Hipchat? As you probably know Slack is the new cool kid in town. I do have Freshdesk integration working for our own team, but am looking for a more supported version and since you already support Hipchat …

    • Anand Srinivasan

      Yes we are working on deep integration with Slack and its in development..

      • Erik Wolf

        I have to second this. Slack is amazing.

  • pyounker

    We are also interested in Slack integration.

  • pyounker

    Question about Easy Insight integration – does it work with all licensing levels of Freshdesk?

  • Thierry

    Great work. Integration with Tableau Software would be a huge plus for us too 😉

  • Micah Stubbs

    a third for integration with Slack.

  • +1 on slack integration please 🙂

  • 3D Hubs

    +1 for Slack please

  • bdge

    Never mind the integrations, where’s the decent WYSIWYG editor? Or the option to switch to HTML, or markdown. And drag and drop inline images…

  • raymon

    +1 for Slack integration

  • Jolyon Favreau

    really looking to get a few integrations from freshdesk at the moment.

    Nutshell – CRM
    Toggl – Time management
    Todoist – Todo’s

  • I was excited to see HipChat integration, but then I tried to follow the instructions. I’m a coder and got frustrated after about the third step in the long process. I think this is a bit misleading – FreshDesk is not ‘integrated’ with hipchat – you are telling us that we can build a custom integration with hipchat (but have to create an account with a 3rd party system). That is NOT the same thing as being integrated.
    Please stop promoting these ‘mashups’ as ‘integrations’. If you don’t have the ability to create true integrations then please just focus on improving the core product.