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We’re only a month into 2015 but we’re already off to an amazing start! Eight product updates, dozens of enhancements and ten new integrations to boot. As always, a core part of our roadmap is to help you leverage Freshdesk and make the most of some of the apps you love and use everyday. And we are on track to accomplishing everything possible to make sure that your customer support, and your life, is infinitely easier with Freshdesk.

And this month, we are excited to add ten more names to the list!

Hello, Guten tag or Konnichiwa – say it any way you like with Google Translate

Having a helpdesk that supports multiple languages is a godsend when you’re managing a global customer base. Now, imagine something even more awesome than a multi-lingual helpdesk: every agent on your team speaking the same language your customers speak.

With our new Google translate plug, you can save your agents the learning curve and have them send out translated replies with a single click. You could even give your customers the option to read your message in their local language, or surprise them by sending them a sonnet in Zulu! This solution article will walk you through the setup process.

Google Translate Integration

Bring in contact and campaign information from Hubspot

Keep your support guys in the know by pulling up marketing information from everyone’s favorite inbound marketing tool – Hubspot. With the Hubspot plug, your support agents will be privy to customer contact information, their campaign activity and the like, information that your agents can use to better your customers’ user experience. The plug, and everything you need to know to get the integration up and running, is available here.

Pull contact and campaign info from Hubspot into Freshdesk with the Freshdesk-Hubspot plug

Track phone calls and convert them to tickets with our C-Zentrix and Ameyo integrations

Bring your phone support into your helpdesk and keep track of your calls, just as you would your emails, with our newest telephony integrations. Your agents can not only handle calls right from your support desk but also get a world of context about callers – their names, email addresses, recent ticket history, everything. And the best part is, Freshdesk lets you record all your calls and automatically convert them into tickets if you so choose. Here’s a solution article that’ll walk you through setting up the C-Zentrix integration. And an article that’ll guide you through setting up the Ameyo-Freshdesk integration.


C-Zentrix Integration with Freshdesk

Bring in customer purchase history from Bigcommerce

Keep your support and business hand in hand with the Bigcommerce plug. Now, every time a customer raises a ticket in your support desk, their order information in your Bigcommerce store is pulled into your helpdesk and displayed right next to their ticket. This way, your agents have everything that they need to solve the problem, right at their fingertips. Curious? This solution article will help you get sorted.

The Bigcommerce-Freshdesk integration

Track real-time ticket events with Woopra

Dig deeper into your helpdesk’s metrics with more business intelligence from Woopra. With the Woopra plug, you can pull up reports based on key performance indicators and real-time ticket events like status updates, priority changes and basically any event in your helpdesk. These events are automatically tracked inside Woopra as custom events and can be used to generate reports and create segmentation filters. The app also enables you to use Woopra’s Triggers to prioritize tickets within Freshdesk based on a user’s engagement and other factors. Here’s how you can pull information from your helpdesk into Woopra.

Know your customers inside out, with the Vibe plug

Forget sifting through pages upon pages of Google results to find out what makes your customer tick; the Vibe app pulls up everything (from geographical locations to social media profiles to their blog) you need to know about your customer right inside your ticket view. Now your agents have that extra insight, that could be of tremendous use, when they’re trying to wow the customer. Here’s where you can find the plug and instructions to help you get sorted.


Embed your HelpIQ ticket form in your FAQ section

Save your customers the hassle of searching for your contact information and empower them to submit support queries, feature requests, bug reports and the like, without leaving your FAQ section using the Freshdesk – HelpIQ integration. Since the ticket widget is powered by your HelpIQ knowledge base, as your user is typing his support query, your HelpIQ FAQ section is working instantly to display relevant support articles to your customer. Not only does this save your customers the hassle of submitting a ticket but it also makes sure that your agents end up firefighting only the most serious of bugs. HelpIQ has a really handy guide that’ll help you get the integration up and running in a matter of minutes!

The HelpIQ-Freshdesk integration

Pull up customer ticket history and contact information right inside your Gmail

Collabspot is a Chrome extension that integrates your Freshdesk account with your Gmail account. This way, every time you open an email, the sender’s ticket history and their contact information, from Freshdesk, is displayed right inside your Gmail account. Everything you need to know, nothing more than a click away! Curious? The extension’s available here.

Collabspot-Freshdesk integration


Track how much time your agents spend on what task using Time Doctor

Keep an eye on your team’s efficiency by tracking how much time they spend on what tasks, using the Time Doctor integration. You can track not only the total time worked by each person on the team but also view a breakdown on how much time is spent on what task. Time Doctor also goes the extra mile and makes sure that your agents stay super focused on important tasks by nudging them every time it detects that agents are spending too much time on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites. And to sweeten the deal, Time Doctor’s offering 10% off on all their plans for Freshdesk customers! Here’s a solution article that walks you through the whole process of setting up the integration.

That’s all, folks! If you have any questions, feel free to shoot an email to support@freshdesk.com or comment down below. We’re always happy to help!

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  • Michael Oeser

    That´s awesome news. Great job as usual. But it would be even better to redesign the customer portal to give it a modern flat design even for the free plans.

    • Kate

      I agree with the comment above. For instance, online chat..Something like this http://joxi.ru/J2bJpgafvYpE26 would be great 🙂

      • Jeremy Stout

        Perhaps a selectable theme feature, for paying customers.

  • Sachin Bhatia

    Hi Aishwarya. We are excited about the http://www.Ameyo.com Call Center Software Integration with Freshdesk. Looking forward to solving more interesting problems with your team. Soon we will also be integrating http://www.texocc.com our cloud based contact center product also.

  • tcavanah

    Great news. Will the Hubspot integration allow us to automatically pull in and create customers in Freshdesk or just sync info between the two using a shared email address? Thanks

  • Víctor Bustos

    Very good, but we still waiting a new dashboard, can check fast how many ticket have every agent, no one by one like now