Marketplace Ends 2017 on a High with 250+ Apps

The Freshworks Marketplace is now well past the 250 apps with both our Freshdesk Marketplace and Freshservice Marketplace adding apps swiftly month on month.

2018 promises to be an even more exciting year, so let us take a look at the apps that we have added in December 2017. We also launched our much-awaited Mint Experience for Freshdesk and we will be seeing more new and improved apps in this new version as well.

Manage Signatures within Freshdesk

The Signature Management app is as simple as it sounds yet it solves a highly pertinent need for every agent – getting the right signatures in place. Signature Management allows you to store multiple signatures in the app. While sending out communication, based on the need, agents can pick the signature required, from a simple widget that sits within Freshdesk.

“The right signature you need, added to all your ticket communications in a jiffy.”

Artificial Intelligence to Make Your Support Easier

Say hello to — the app that takes your customer relationships to new heights with the help of AI. The botkit comes prebuilt with all essential Freshdesk events required to create new tickets, addition of notes to tickets, enabling two-way communication between customers and agents and also events to notify closure of tickets.

“New age artificial intelligence that makes your support faster and easier.”

The Webphone that Sits Inside Freshdesk

Meet Totalvoice, the complete communication solution. The TotalVoice communication API allows developers to include voice and text communication directly into their applications. Here, it is integrated within Freshdesk with capabilities to access telephony call controls, record calls, create tickets from calls, create contacts and a lot more.

“The telephony solution that encompasses all you’ll ever need, right inside Freshdesk.”

Apps on the New Mint Experience

The following apps have been built for the new Mint Experience and are not available on our old version of Freshdesk.

Information from Your Nimble Account Now in Freshdesk

The Nimble CRM app helps show customer information from Nimble inside an interactive widget that sits within Freshdesk. Support agents will be able to provide better support with the help of valuable information about the customer that is shown in the ticket detail screen.

If the customer entry does not exist, the agent can also create a new entry into Nimble right from the Freshdesk screen.

“Access customer info and also create contacts within Nimble, all from the Freshdesk screen”

iContact Email Marketing Done Easier within Your Helpdesk

Make complete use of the iContact app to handle your marketing communication, manage mailing lists and campaign memberships without ever having to leave your ticket screen.

“Managing contacts and contact information between two apps has never been easier.”

Change the Way You Use Notes Inside Freshdesk

The Note Manager app is a very simple but useful way to make the most out of your notes. You can keep notes as public at an account level. It also allows agent level restrictions based on the type of ticket.

“Note Manager makes support easier by improving internal communication.”

The Combined Power of BigCommerce and Freshdesk

The BigCommerce app makes providing contextual support simpler by showing key order information from BigCommerce inside Freshdesk. It also brings in previous order information if any, thereby enabling support agents to provide better customer service.

“BigCommerce + Freshdesk = Easier selling and better service”

Customer Relationships Done Right with Customer Information from PipelineDeals CRM

Worried that your support agents may not have the right customer information to provide best quality support? With the PipelineDeals app, you can get critical information like name, last name, phone number, organization, etc. on a widget in Freshdesk ticket detail screen.

Apart from that, if a customer’s data does not exist, you can create an entry in PipelineDeals using the Freshdesk widget itself.

“Manage customer information and forge stronger customer relationships using this app.”

Complete Control of Your Attachments in Freshdesk

Attachments are now much easier to access, with the Attachment Manager app. The app allows for viewing all attachments for a specific ticket inside a widget. It also lets you add and download attachments as well as provide restrictions that prevent agents from deleting attachments from the app.

“Easier access and better security for your attachments”

Top Shelf Email Marketing Automation Meets Freshdesk

The Campaign Monitor app fetches mailing lists and campaign details from the Campaign Monitor app into the Freshdesk ticket detail screen. If you have contacts in Campaign Monitor mailing lists, they can be used directly in Freshdesk. Similarly, contacts can be exported from Freshdesk to Campaign Monitor as well.

“Save time spent in duplicating contacts & switching between tabs with Campaign Monitor app.”