Freshdesk Marketplace Celebrates 300 Apps — a Huge Milestone for the Freshdesk App Ecosystem

It’s a historic moment here for us at Freshworks, as our marketplace hit 300 Apps last month. We had a prolific run adding over 20 apps in April alone, with new categories of apps that include integrations with Google Hangouts Chat, Confluence, Pivotal Tracker and also some innovative new apps as a part of FreshX.

FreshX is an innovation wing of Freshdesk which has been churning out apps that bring much needed functionalities inside Freshdesk.

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at 16 of the apps that have been added to the marketplace last month that make your Freshdesk experience even better.

Track Contract Hours Left for Agents with Contract Management

Contract Management is an app that helps track the hours spent by agents on support tickets. Based on the timer, the app shows how many hours are done and how many hours are left for the contracted agent. Once a ticket gets closed, this app automatically tracks the time spent and subtracts it from total contract hours and displays it on the widget in the ticket detail screen.

Freshdesk Contract Management

Track Project Progress from Start to Finish with Pivotal Tracker

The Pivotal Tracker app helps you create stories on Pivotal tracker from Freshdesk tickets. You can also keep track of stories on Pivotal Tracker by providing updates from Pivotal stories as notes on a ticket. Every time any change/update is made to the story on Pivotal Tracker, the changes will be shown as Notes on the ticket. Similarly, you can create a story on Pivotal from a freshdesk ticket and the ticket details are added as description of the story.

Pivotal Tracker

Knowledge Sync Between Confluence and Freshdesk

Gone are the days when you have to copy and paste Confluence articles to Freshdesk, or give access to support staff on Confluence. With this Confluence app, synchronize Confluence pages with your Freshdesk Help Center to make your product documentation accessible to your support staff without adding new users to your Confluence instance.

  • Pages from Confluence once synced are searchable in Freshdesk
  • Whenever there is an update on a Confluence page, it will update the associated Freshdesk article as well

Confluence App knowledge

All Your Freshdesk ticket Notifications – Now on Flock!

The Flock app ensures you never miss updates on your Freshdesk tickets. For a range of ticket actions that include new contacts, tickets, ticket updates and more, you can now receive instant notifications on your Flock screen. Bring collaboration while also ensuring timely customer service, with this Flock app for Freshdesk.

Flock App

Time Tracking, Now Inside Freshdesk

The efficiency of support is best measured by tracking the time spent on supporting tickets. This helps identify the tickets where agents are spending more time. This also ensures that the right training and assistance are provided to reduce support times and improve efficiency. With the Auto Start Timer app, you can set the status change for which the timer should be triggered and for what status change it should be stopped.

Auto Start Timer

An Inhouse Call Center — DeskforcePBX

With this Deskforce PBX app, enable local presence for your customers and have each phone call create a record of the conversation. Have every call logged automatically as a ticket, access customer’s ticket history, maintain context and provide exceptional customer service with this Deskforce integration.


Use Javascript to Add Triggers to Multiple Apps from Freshdesk with APIGUM

The APIGUM app throws open a wide range of integration opportunities by allowing you to create triggers to other apps based on Freshdesk ticket actions. For example, a new contact created at Freshdesk can trigger a new client at Toggl, a new customer at Stripe can create a new contact in Freshdesk, etc.

They support a large list of actions and triggers to enable sync between all your business critical apps with ease.


Provide Better Context to Agents with the Summary App

Fresh from the FreshX stables, comes the Summary app. This app makes it easy for you to create and share a summary of your customer’s problems inside a ticket. If you’re collaborating with multiple teams, you can use the summary section to provide details that they can use to get the complete context and troubleshoot issues.

Summary App

Full Control over Broadsoft Telephony from Freshdesk with

The Loyally app for Broadsoft gives you a complete set of features to bring control over your Broadsoft telephony, from within Freshdesk. The features include

  • Automatic ticket creation
  • Automatic customer search
  • Pushing a ticket to your colleagues Freshdesk when forwarding a call
  • Starting, pausing and resuming your call recordings
  • Saving call data to your ticket

Loyally App

Updates in Hangouts Chat — Presenting the New Google Hangouts Chat Integration

The Freshdesk bot will now send regular updates to your Google Hangouts Chat window as one-to-one conversations. Updates will be shown on Hangouts Chat for all tickets that you are assigned to or where you have been added as a watcher.

Get quick notifications, provide prompt customer support and establish better customer relationships with this Google Hangouts Chat app.

Google Hangouts Chat

Reduce Ticket Overloads with Auto Ticket Merger

This Auto Ticket Merger app brings a much needed functionality where if the same customer raises two or more tickets in a short time span, the tickets following the first one will all get automatically merged with the first ticket. (All the other tickets except the first one will get automatically marked as ‘Closed’)

For example, if an ecommerce purchase fails, sometimes customers raise one ticket after another in short spans of time. This app will automatically merge all tickets into one as long as it is from the same email ID.

Auto Ticket Merger

Access to all your Google Drive Attachments made easy

Link your Google Drive account to Freshdesk, search for specific files, browse all your folders and include files as attachments in your Freshdesk ticket with this Google Drive app. The biggest advantage of this app is that attachments made from Google Drive aren’t stored in Freshdesk. They are hot linked from the original source, thereby removing file size restrictions and file upload difficulties for users.

Google Drive App

Get Ticket Updates from Freshdesk in Microsoft Teams

With the Freshdesk – Microsoft Teams integration, you can stay on top of your support tickets without leaving your team collaboration tool. The Freshdesk bot will send you instant notifications on Teams whenever there’s an update on a ticket assigned to you in Freshdesk. You can also add quick replies or notes to your tickets directly from Teams.
Microsoft team