What’s New in the Freshdesk Marketplace – August 2018

It’s been another exciting month here at the Freshdesk Marketplace and we’ve added 50+ apps to our directory this month alone! Here’s a quick look at some of the apps that were added to the Marketplace which could help boost agent (and admin) productivity.

Get A 360° View of Customers with Clearbit

Clearbit collects all the essential information about your customers — how to contact them on social media, their company, what their job title is, the company size, the technologies they cover and so on. And, all this information is presented to you in Freshdesk.

Make Every Conversation A Ticket With Wechat Connect

The WeChat Connect for Freshdesk converts WeChat conversations into tickets automatically. This opens up yet another channel for your customers to reach out for support. Once the ticket is created, agents will be able to treat it like any other ticket — all this without ever having to leave Freshdesk!

Stay Up To Date With Dynamic CRM 365

This integration ensures that the data from Freshdesk is constantly in sync with the data on Dynamic 365 and vice versa. This ensures that agents will have access to an up-to-date data set at any time. Freshdesk tickets can also be viewed on both Freshdesk and Dynamics at any time.

Simultaneously Manage Social Media And Freshdesk Tickets With Hootsuite

The Hootsuite app makes it super easy to manage Freshdesk tickets at the same time as your social media channels. The Freshdesk feed in your Hootsuite dashboard will keep you up-to-date with your tickets right next to the feeds from your social media channels.

Get An In-built Secretary With Super Receptionist

This app allows you to easily handle all action items related to calls, within Freshdesk. You will be able to track calls (inbound and outbound), create tickets and link them to a particular number, direct calls to respective agents and make outbound calls.

Twilio Integration Ensures That You Get Ticket Updates 24*7

The Twilio integration ensures that an agent is aware of every slight change made to their ticket at any time. The integration allows agents to get notifications via SMS whenever an update is made to a ticket. Users will be able to set up notifications for status change, new reply or when a public note is added to a ticket. In addition to this, agents will also be able to reply with a custom message to their customer via SMS.

Help Agents Become Multilingual With Translate Buddy

The Translate Buddy enables agents to translate their replies to customers from within the Freshdesk UI. Perhaps one of the most amazing features of this app is speech-to-text. This allows agents to dictate the response they want to send, the app will convert it to text and then translate it to a number of languages. The app also allows users to choose a dialect (eg. British, American, Indian, etc.)

Cif – Ai For Tickets Is Here To Solve Problems Keeping Cx Managers Up At Night

CIF Analytics Cloud is the perfect AI reporting tool for management & client services. It helps you understand how your customers are really feeling, which customers are at risk, why customers leave, where to increase service quality etc.

Build Integrated Process Flows And Launch Them With Brightreps Sidekick

Once a ticket is created, the app guides agents through the appropriate resolution process, including integrated steps which eliminate the need to toggle across multiple browser tabs. This app also allows managers to view completions, average time per step and agent feedback to continuously measure and improve their process.

Get Real-time Website Updates With Freshping

Freshping keeps an eye on your website at all times. In case the site goes down, Freshping creates a ticket immediately to alert you. It also creates a ticket when your website is back up. The app ensures that you are aware the minute something goes wrong with your website so that you can alert your customers ASAP.  

Manage All You Zuora Payments Within Freshdesk With Zuora By Chargedesk

Imagine handling all your payments without having to leave Freshdesk. That’s exactly what you get with this integration. ChargeDesk gives you access to your Zuora data where it’s needed most and setting it up takes only a minute. You’ll then be able to manage all payment related tasks for your customers inside Freshdesk tickets. You can also show PayPal, Braintree, Chargify, Recurly & Stripe payments from this one app inside Freshdesk.


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