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The Marketplace has been growing week on week and as usual, we have a new set of apps that have been added to our marketplace this month. This month has been an exciting time for us as we also had our partner webinar with CxMoments on 1o July 2018.

Let’s dive into what the Freshdesk marketplace brings to the table this month to boost your customer experience and customer engagement.

Provide One Common ‘from’ Email For Tickets — Email Configuration App

Sometimes when responding to customers, you do not want the customer to know that multiple agents are responding to tickets, and instead make it look like it is all sent all from one email. This app helps solve that problem.

This app helps agents with multiple groups and multiple email accounts to set default reply “from” email on reply and on new email page. This disables the cc and bcc fields and shows just one default email address from which ticket responses are sent, irrespective of which agent is addressing the tickets.

Populate Your Current Agent’s Name in Replies — Current Replying Agent’s Name

The app populates the current logged in agent’s name in the ticket reply editor. In your common signature setup, you might have used the placeholder {{}} to populate the agent name. However, it would populate only the ticket assigned agent’s name. What you’d probably need is a placeholder that detects the current replying user.

This app does that for you — fetches the current user’s name and inserts it into the common reply template setup, thus preventing the agent name mix-up.

Handle Remote Support Inside Freshdesk — LogMeIn Rescue

It can be a hassle to create meeting links by opening LogMeIn Rescue on one more tab, creating a meeting link and then copy pasting it back into your Freshdesk customer conversation.

With this app, you can create an instant meeting link and also have it automatically populated as a customer response with the invitation text, for you to instantly kick off a meeting with the customer.

Provide Better Security for Sensitive Information — Credit Card & Social Security Number Masker

Protect sensitive data like credit card and social security numbers in your tickets with the Number Masker app. This app carefully picks out key digits that should not be accessible to agents and hides such sensitive information that may have been included in a ticket.

Attach Any File from Any Cloud Storage Provider — Kloudless Cloud Storage

Access files in Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Office 365, and 15+ other cloud storage services. The cloud storage app by Kloudless makes it very easy to share files. Unlike having to go to a new tab, find the file and also get the link to copy and paste, this makes it an instant pick from a huge range of cloud services. The biggest advantage of this, since the files are not stored in Freshdesk, is that there is no file size limit or upload requirements. Attach away!

Reduce Operating Cost and Improve Support Efficiency — Timecamp Time Tracking

It is critical to have complete control over the amount of time support agents are spending on tickets. Time tracking insights help you estimate time usage in this area of your company’s performance. You know how to divide your resources and what kind of problems demand most of your team’s time to get resolved. Adding Timecamp Time Tracking app to Freshdesk allows you to record time spent on each client’s case.

The Power of Valuable Data, Right Where You Need It — Dativery

Dativery can improve your Freshdesk support experience by adding relevant information from other apps directly to your Helpdesk such as information from CRMs, memberships from mailing lists, or bugs from Jira. Dativery also shows Freshdesk tickets in other applications including CRM, email, and more.

Synchronize Support Data and Enable Customer Success — Amity

Amity provides customer success teams with the technology they need to retain and grow their customers at scale. Amity integrates with Freshdesk to fetch support data, synchronize it, and make it available to customer success teams for their retention efforts. With Amity and Freshdesk, align your support and success teams to simplify processes, collaboration, and hand-offs and gain a complete understanding of your accounts.

Turn Your Positive Feedback into Real-time Website Testimonials — SimpleSat

Add fun CSAT surveys directly to solved ticket email notifications. SimpleSat is a one-click CSAT survey+testimonial generating engine that provides SMBs with the feedback they need to retain clients, and social proof to attract more. It is simple to set up and you can start receiving great feedback in under 10 minutes.

Complete Overview of Your Support Process — appNeura – Digital Experience Monitoring

The appNeura and Freshdesk integration enables the user with the ability to raise tickets and keep track of the statuses of the raised tickets directly from the appNeura dashboard. In one click, all the details of the issues can be seen. There is also an option to unlink an issue if required. It also generates an Apdex score to show overall health of the application.

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