New Apps in Our Marketplace to Help You Provide Better Customer Service

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In the last few months, our Marketplace has been adding a lot of interesting new apps, each providing a unique and much-needed edge to customer service. From use cases like dashboards for viewing support data to completely elastic customer support, each app brings a powerhouse of features to enable you to simplify your customer support.

Here is a quick look at the apps that have been added to the Marketplace in the month of January.

Actionable metrics in an easy to access dashboard

Geckoboard dashboard

Geckoboard helps customer support teams work smarter and deliver exceptional service to their customers with large dashboards for all your key support metrics. Monitor ticket volume, improve ticket response times, and also sneak in healthy fun competition between support agents with Geckoboard.

“Improve support performance, hit goals, and react to problems faster.”

Complete control over your custom fields

Custom Ticket Fields

A lot of our customers had mentioned that they wanted more control, especially over the custom fields in tickets as they may be critical customer data. With the Custom Ticket Fields app, you can choose a configuration (based on ticket type, product, assigned agent group) and set any fields that your agents will not need access to.

“Ensure customer data is never tampered with and agents have access to the right information.”

Connect just about any product/flow with Freshdesk, and automate with ease Freshdesk Flow enables anyone to connect and automate sensors, devices, systems, and applications across mobile, web, and IoT. With for Freshdesk, you can build multiple connectors to other applications, create custom flows and automate tasks.

“Connect apps and automate tasks with simple drag and drop.’

Elastic customer support — with both helpdesk and a support team

Freshdesk customer support

Imagine getting not only a robust customer support helpdesk, but also a completely equipped customer support team along with it! That’s what Helpware + Freshdesk can now offer — an immediate real-time solution to your support needs. Whether you need a primary customer support team or additional teams to handle surplus support needs, Helpware has you covered.

“Improve the efficiency of your customer support drastically without having to go through the pain of hiring.”

Secure access to your Freshworks account with single sign-on

SAASPASS Freshdesk

SAASPASS is a multi-factor authentication, single sign-on and enterprise password manager that brings a comprehensive full-stack identity and access management solution. With SAML Protocol, SAASPASS helps delegate the authentication between Freshworks (as the service provider) and SAASPASS (as the IdP) to provide secure single sign-on access to hundreds of enterprise applications.

“Say goodbye to all your password difficulties and unify all your logins with SAASPASS.”

Customer purchase history for better customer service

Magento Freshdesk

The Magento app fetches your customer’s order information in your ticket page to give a holistic view of your customer’s purchase behavior. The Magento widget sits right within your ticket detail screen and shows order information including price, company, etc. to provide more context when responding to customer queries.

“Save time spent on switching between tabs and handle all your support through one interactive Freshdesk screen.”

Improve brand reputation and customer service with contextual returns information

SupportSync Freshdesk

SupportSync RMA helps customer service agents quickly create, view, and track product returns (Return Material Authorization) while providing return centers with key processing tools and features. You can now receive, process, and ship replacement units with ease, thanks to return information as well as a ‘Create New Return’ button, all inside Freshdesk.

“Returns Management has never been simpler.”

Customer information from Zoho CRM inside Freshdesk

Zoho CRM for Freshdesk

The Zoho CRM app for Freshdesk shows information about the ticket requester, by looking for their contact card within Zoho CRM.  If the contact is connected to a company, the app recovers all the information associated with the contact and the company. It also makes a calculation (as a percentage) of the potentially closed wins compared to the open ones, and lost, and shows the ranking as a scale from 0 to 5.

Complete visualization of your support in one interactive dashboard

PowerBI for Freshdesk

The Power BI App for Freshdesk delivers operational & analytical dashboards surrounding your Freshdesk tickets. The dashboard includes ticket analytics, agent productivity and team performance delivered through Microsoft Power BI. With the help of this data, companies can get a complete overview of their support process, identify problem areas, and improve support efficiency.

“Support analytics at your fingertips.”

Provide high-quality support with videos, GIFs, and screenshot annotations

CloudApp for Freshdesk

With the CloudApp Freshdesk integration, you can

  • Quickly record your screen in high quality or GIF to explain a complex process, answer a question, or show a bug.
  • Instantly capture and markup a screenshot to give quick feedback, blur sensitive data, or point out something important.
  • Easily embed video and visual content you create with CloudApp into Freshdesk’s forum and knowledge base, or your company’s documentation pages

“Boost your first contact resolution with Cloudapp for Freshdesk.”

Go ahead and check out these apps that make work easier and faster for your support team. For more information or for support issues, write to us at

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