New Dashboard in Freshdesk: How it’ll make your life easier

Support is a dynamic process. To consistently keep your customer experience top notch, you need to make quick decisions, watch various indicators and always be aware of how your helpdesk is performing. Whether you are an agent, a supervisor or an admin, you’re a part of that effort; only your methods might differ. Each of these roles has something unique to bring to the table, which is why we’re introducing our new Dashboard to help you out. It puts in front of you the most pertinent tools and information for your role when you sit down to start your day.

Instead of the single constant overview of the entire helpdesk you’re used to seeing, you’ll now see data that is relevant and useful to you and your role. If you’re an Agent, you can get a rundown on what is going to be on your plate for the day. Or, if you’re a Supervisor, you can monitor your team’s daily activity and performance at a quick glance. As an Admin, you can do all this and more, for all the teams across your helpdesk.

These newly introduced Snapshots are available for all customers in the Estate and Forest plans.

To see the new Dashboard, click on the “Standard” dropdown button in your dashboard.

Admin Snapshot

If you’re the helpdesk Admin, you’re the one who makes sure everything is well-oiled and running smoothly. You’re going to need to know things like which group has the most pending requests, what channels are drawing most traffic and which customers are likely to be dissatisfied. You need to be able to prevent crises before they happen.

Freshdesk Dashboard

With the Admin Snapshot, it will now take you mere minutes, if not seconds, to make all the inferences you need about your helpdesk so you know exactly where and when you have to step in to put out any fires. In addition to the widgets listing unresolved tickets (across the entire helpdesk) by priority, status and type, the Today’s Ticket Trend widget shows you the trend of ticket inflow for the day. Other widgets like Group Performance Today and Top Ten Customers by Unresolved tickets give you a sense of what’s going on and whether you need to weigh in on a situation.

Learn how the Admin Snapshot can make your job easier

Supervisor Snapshot

As a supervisor, monitoring your group for agent performance, workload distribution and assignment of tickets are only a few of the numerous direct responsibilities you need to shoulder every day. Then there are the especially trying days when you’re flooded with tickets, your agents are overwhelmed, and you have to get to the bottom of what caused the sudden crisis. Freshdesk’s new Supervisor Snapshot makes this all far easier for you to accomplish.

Freshdesk Dashboard

With the widgets in the Supervisor Snapshot, you can see the unresolved tickets assigned to your team grouped by priority, status and type. Other widgets like Agent Performance Today and Top 10 Agents by Old Tickets give you a quick look at key performance indicators, letting you monitor both individual and group performance.

Make the most of Supervisor Snapshot

Agent Snapshot

For an agent, the day’s first task is often figuring out which requests assigned to them are more important or when they are due. A lot of time can go into organizing your work before getting on with it. The Agent Snapshot can help you stop sorting and start solving. Your Dashboard will help you prioritize and manage your work better, every day. The widgets on the Agent Snapshot show you an overview of where you stand in your helpdesk.

Freshdesk Dashboard Agent

You can see unresolved tickets by priority, status and type, letting you decide faster which tickets you need to get to first. You can also get data on your performance from the My Performance, Customer Satisfaction and Top 10 Unresolved Tickets by Age sections. Armed with all this and more, you can figure out an action plan for the day with nothing more than a glance at your dashboard.

Arm yourself with Agent Snapshot

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