The Little Big Details Update: Gamification Widget, Forward Templates And More

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been shipping features that make the little things you do in your Freshdesk a lot more easier to find and accomplish.  In this post, you’ll find a quick rundown of these features that have been bullet points in our recent release notes. We felt like they needed their 15 minutes of fame too so we wrote a whole post about them.

Brand new gamification widget for agents

Often see yourself comparing your scores against the rest of the agents in your helpdesk at lunch time? We do that too, all the time!


The brand new gamification widget in the dashboard makes it really easy to compare your position against other agents in your helpdesk for the four trophies. For each trophy, agents can instantly see where they stand and who is ahead of them, and also check their scores by just hovering over their pictures.

This revamped widget shows up for agents, on specific accounts. Supervisors and admins will continue to see what they already see – the ones leading the game for each trophy we’ve got. If you’d like to enable this widget in your account, reach out to us:

Placeholders in signatures

Agents can now add placeholders to their signatures. If you support multiple products with Freshdesk, for instance, this should help your agents brand their signatures with the appropriate portal name and the product’s description, among other things.

Like always, you can go to your profile settings and click on the new ‘Insert placeholder’ option to add them to your signature.

Agent forward template

You can now add a forward template to your account which will be applied every time you forward a ticket to a third party. If you work with vendors very often, you can edit the contents of your forward template from Admin > Email Notifications > Templates. You can even include placeholders here, if you’d like!


Meta for chat tickets

From now on, meta labels in chat tickets will provide agents with more context – including showing the webpage where the chat was raised from, along with the visitor’s location and their browser. The next time you’re looking at a ticket that was raised via chat, you can quickly take a look at the Meta widget to better answer their questions.


Previews for inline images

A few months ago, we added support for attachment previews in tickets. Today, that has been extended to inline images as well. When you’ve got a ticket explaining a problem with screenshots and images, all you need to do is click to get a better picture.

Hit ‘V’ to instantly search for and open a ticket view

If you’ve been using Freshdesk for a while now, your team has probably created more than a dozen ticket views. But getting to the one that matters the most at any moment was quite a task. We’ve now added a quick search option that will appear when you’ve got more than fifteen ticket views, so you can switch views faster than ever.


Best part? You can just tap ‘v’ when you’re viewing a list of tickets to open this up and start typing to go to one quickly!

Warning when you leave without sending a response

The next time you type out a response or a note but you hit close on the browser tab before a draft is saved, we’ll ask you if you indeed want to leave the page without sending it out. As agents, there are so many things you’re doing in different browser tabs at any given moment so the next time you accidentally navigate away before sending out that response, we’ve got you covered 🙂

If you have any feedback about the features listed above or would just like to chat, feel free to write us at