One Year of Freshdesk Mint

This October will mark the one year anniversary of Freshdesk Mint. We rebuilt Freshdesk from the ground up a year ago to make it faster, easier and more intuitive to use. Our aim was to improve the overall experience we offered businesses so that they can support their customers more effectively.

When we were building the Freshdesk Mint experience, we wanted to:

  • Build a future-proof solution to deliver features and updates faster, and to enable a smoother experience for our users.
  • Enable a better infrastructure for APIs to open up the helpdesk more, so users had the freedom to access their data and interact with their customers the way they wanted.
  • Unify customer experience to ensure consistency across all Freshworks products and make switching between products seamless.

With the one year mark approaching, I wanted to talk about what we’ve done since the launch of Mint, the features and updates we’ve introduced, and the progress we’ve made in achieving these three goals.

A Future-Proof Helpdesk

Re-engineering the product entirely for Freshdesk Mint allowed us to approach our development and release cycles differently to get you the features that you wanted faster. These are some of the features we released exclusively for the Mint experience over the past year

  • Team Dashboards: Pick and choose metrics that you want to track for each team and create a dedicated dashboard so you can monitor their performance easily and give them better, more actionable feedback. Find out more here.
  • Social Signals: This feature, powered by Machine Learning, helps support agents easily differentiate between the tweets that need help immediately and tweets that are better redirected for teams like Sales or Marketing to engage with.
  • Integration with Freshconnect: At Freshworks we launched a new product, Freshconnect, to make collaboration easier between internal groups, teams and even with external business partners. With the new Freshdesk + Freshconnect integration, support agents using Freshdesk can invite colleagues from other teams like Sales or Legal, and even third-party partners to collaborate and solve tickets while still ensuring customer data is secure and without having to pay extra for each collaborator.

Productivity Superchargers

We also released a lot of smaller features to improve the quality of life for support agents as well as their managers. Some of the most popular features are:

  • Undo send:  Noticed a mistake after you sent a response to a customer? You can undo it now.
  • To-Dos and reminders: Accomplish tasks more efficiently with To-Dos. Associate them with specific customers or add them on the go, so they show up on your dashboard. Get reminders so you don’t miss out on any tasks.
  • Announcement widget: Broadcast important information and sticky it in the helpdesk for your team, without the message being lost in the flurry of other chatter.
  • Notes: Have important, support-relevant information about any particular customer? Stop juggling various tools and add it directly to the Notes associated with their profile.
  • Auto timer start: This ensures that agent time spent on tickets is automatically logged so no billable hours are lost even if the agent forgets to start it manually.

Expanded API support

We significantly expanded the abilities of Freshdesk APIs v2 this year. The new platform, that APIs v2 are built on, allows users like yourselves to build Freshdesk apps and customize the Freshdesk experience the way you want. Some of the enhancements we introduced are:

  • Higher API limits per user.
  • Per-minute throttling with granular usage tracking and notifications.
  • Better and more detailed error messages.
  • New endpoints for features like Canned Responses, Parent-Child Tickets, Conversations and Ticket Filters.

To find out how you can use our Freshdesk APIs, visit our Developer Portal.

Unified Experience Across Products

Thanks to Freshdesk Mint and the refreshed UI, we were able to introduce two new features to make the user experience more seamless

  • Unified Freshworks Login: Instead of having to sign into Freshchat, Freshcaller and Freshdesk separately, this new sign in process enables agents to sign in to any Freshworks product with just one email. To read more, click here.
  • Freshworks Product Switcher: Agents can now seamlessly switch between any Freshworks product with just one click inside each product. Combined with the unified login feature, agents can provide support via phone or chat without having to juggle different products and logins.

To find out what else has changed in Mint, click here. If you are already using Freshdesk but haven’t tried the Mint experience yet, we strongly urge you to click on the “Switch to the Freshdesk Mint experience” at the top of your helpdesk.

If you don’t use Freshdesk, but want to try these features out to upgrade your support, click here to sign up and try it free for 21 days. If you would rather have a demo of the product first, contact us at +1-866-832-3090 or get in touch here.