Phone Goodies – More Countries, Mobile App Support, Call Routing And More

In February, when we rolled out our built-in telephony integration, we were really excited about how it transformed the way we support our customers. After years of being tied to desk phones (and desks), our support team can now take calls from anywhere, anytime. Our call center had moved to the cloud. That meant we got automatic call recording, easy call transfers, IVR support and a lot more without any hardware implementation whatsoever. One day we needed to add a toll-free helpline in the UK and it was live in a matter of minutes.

In the past few months, we have been adding even more functionalities based on the feedback we got from you:

1) Phone channel is now truly mobile: Call forwarding is now a thing of the past. Phone is now a part of our iOS and Android apps which means you can now answer calls on your own phone without incurring any additional charges. Transferring calls to other agents doesn’t cost you a dime, either. Agents can also convert calls into tickets, add notes and merge tickets, right from their phone. Take calls and support customers with ease from anyplace, at anytime, regardless of what you’re doing.

2) Local numbers are now available in over 41 countries. Need a local number in any of these 41 countries? No problem. No need to build a local call center to start supporting your customers there. You can have a local number routing calls to your existing agents in minutes.

3) Reports, reports everywhere: The new Call Summary report enables you to quickly access reports and track your critical metrics like the number of calls made, average call duration, and number of voicemails.

Phone Reports

4) Intelligent call routing: Before our latest update, every time a call came through to the helpdesk, all the agents in the group were notified of the call until the fastest finger got connected through. Now, you have the option to notify the most idle agent first rather than alerting all the agents in the group.

Helpdesk Call History

5) Enhanced call filters: You can now filter calls based on type, requester, group, agent and time period. Access call histories through the dashboard by clicking on the little button that says “Call History” to your right.

All these updates are, of course, free for all of our customers on all of our plans. Go ahead, and check out our phone channel. This solution article will help you get started. As always, please let us know what you think.