Freshdesk is now integrated with LogMeIn Rescue!

A lot of things can get in the way of providing exceptional customer support. Like working with a customer who just can’t articulate the problem you need to solve. Or not knowing which misstep is causing all that heartburn. Sometimes your troubleshooting instructions end up a bit too complex for customers to get rolling by themselves. Your customers need your hands to get their issue sorted out, and you need to be able to see the world through their eyes.

We figured that the best solution would be to get you a Star Trek style Teleporter that lets you beam your agents down to wherever your customers are, solve their issue, and beam them back up. The next best thing is letting you share their desktop screens and see the world through your customer’s eyes, in real-time right from inside the Freshdesk ticket, with LogMeIn Rescue.

The Freshdesk – LogMeIn Integration lets you see, show and (trouble) shoot with the click of a button, and get your support agents right into the customer’s computer screen.  That way, when the issue gets too complex, you get to scream “Beam Me Up Scotty”, start a new LogMeIn session right from the Freshdesk ticket, and see the world from your customer’s shoulder. And you don’t even have to worry about Teleportation Sickness!

Let your customer support agents connect to remote machines and troubleshoot issues quickly with the Freshdesk - LogMeIn Rescue Integration.

And a few things that make the Freshdesk – LogMeIn Rescue Integration way better than teleporting through hyperspace:

1. Create a new LogMeIn session from Freshdesk
We were exaggerating a bit when we said you need to scream to Scotty for the teleportation. Your support agents can now create new LogMeIn sessions from any ticket right inside Freshdesk with just a click. And if they’ve already generated a session, they can check the PIN to login, and even invite more customers to start sharing!

2. Launch LogMeIn Technician Console and join remote sessions
Teleporters are a bit tricky in that they don’t really go both ways. The Freshdesk – LogMeIn integration goes both ways though, so if your customers have created their sessions already, you can launch the LogMeIn Rescue technician console right from the ticket and join this session too.

3. Send session information back into Freshdesk
Teleporters are notorious for bad documentation. Most often all the cool things you learnt in the mysterious planet you teleported to are forgotten the moment you get back to the mothership. Not with Freshdesk though – once you complete a LogMeIn Rescue session with a customer, all your chats and session logs are automatically added as notes in the corresponding Freshdesk ticket. That way, the time, troubleshooting instructions and knowledge never get wasted.

Customers who’d like to setup the LogMeIn integration can check out our solutions article to get started immediately. And if you haven’t already, get that super-hero cape out of your closet and get started with rescuing your customers for Free with Freshdesk.