Sunshine on Freshdesk – the new Tickets view

Every weekend is like the arrival of spring here at Freshdesk.
Flowers bloom, butterflies sing, and new features, updates, fixes and refreshing changes see the light, much to the delight of the thousands of agents using Freshdesk.

Speaking of support agents, if you spend 8 hours every day wading through support queries, it’s tough to stay prime, fresh, and in love with every ticket coming in. That’s why, as of this week, we decided to bring some of the flavor of spring into your help desk with the new tickets list view.

color coded ticket list view in Freshdesk

The first thing you’ll notice when you jump into “Tickets” in your Freshdesk account today is the new Tickets List View, color coded by Ticket Priorities.

All the Urgent tickets that you need to take care of right away are coded Red, the High priority tickets Orange, the Medium tickets are Blue, and the Low priority tickets are Green. That way, you know exactly how your tickets are spread across priorities, which ones to jump into immediately, and which ones can wait the next few minutes before you resolve them.

In the heat of resolving tickets, you often need to know exactly what the current state of a ticket is. Priorities are great, but you also need to know whether the ticket is new, and waiting to be assigned, if it is overdue, or whether the customer has responded back. You’ll notice these intelligent ticket indicators in the new ticket list view. That means you get to know both the priority of a ticket and what its current state is, the moment you jump into your help desk. Without having to read a single word!

The ticket list view also shows you the time since the last interesting activity on the ticket. That means you now know way more than just when a ticket is due – you know it’s been 10 minutes since your agent replied to a ticket, or 3 since the customer shot a reply. And you still haven’t had to sweat a single click!

“Hover” gets it done – Preview, reassign and modify from the bird’s view

Remember the time in high-school when you had to take a test? You’d run through all the questions, pick out the ones that needed the most attention, and get working on them first. A lot of times in your help desk, you would like to just skim through tickets and replies before you manually categorize, assign or choose to come back later. You now just need to hover your mouse over a ticket to see the latest reply.

Hover over tickets to see the latest replies in the new Freshdesk tickets list view


You can even modify the ticket properties, change its status and priority, and assign it to an agent right from the Tickets List view.

Microscopes and Telescopes: Jump in and out of Views

“Views” make it easy for you to filter tickets based on what’s important to you, and just view that.
Jumping into views is way easier now – for one thing, they are right there on the top of the tickets view. Want to save a specific filter as a view, or need to throw one of your custom views in the bin? Just choose your filters, click on the view and give it a name to save it. Or hover over an existing view and delete it.

Managing Ticket Views is easier than ever


It’s been just two days since the new Ticket List View saw the light, and Freshdesk users are already loving the little intricacies in it that make their help desk even more useful. Love it, hate it, or just have some feedback for us? Let us know on the Freshdesk forums.

Happy supporting!