A Better Way to Monitor Your Performance and Show off Your Success

Support managers have a challenging job.

On the one hand, managers are expected to monitor teams of agents and ensure that the entire system is working smoothly. On the other hand, managers are also expected to demonstrate how their agents are impacting the business to senior management and justify their numbers regularly.

When we tried to make the lives of our support managers here at Freshdesk easier, we found that there were two challenges that we had to tackle.

      – Support is chaotic
      – Support is volatile

Support is Chaotic

We found that our customer support agents frequently teamed up with each other or collaborated with other teams like Finance or Product Development to get customers their answers quickly. Managers were finding it difficult to see how well these teams worked together.  Measuring their performance was also challenging because the collaborations were across teams with different goals and KPIs.

Support managers needed better visibility into collaborations. They needed a way to monitor goals, not just agents.  

Support is Volatile

Depending on the tickets that came in and the responsible agent, patterns of collaboration also kept changing. Managers would download reports to understand their support situation, to know how many tickets were incoming or pending, but the numbers kept changing constantly. The reports were also very extensive which meant managers were getting flooded with data when they needed to see only a few specific numbers. By the time managers figured out how to read the reports, they were already obsolete.

Support managers needed a way to access metrics instantly. We wanted to stop them from generating pages of reports and instead give them the ability to display metrics anywhere, and keep it updated every minute to reflect their volatile support status accurately.  

Over the past few months, we’ve been working on a feature to answer all of these problems. Our goal was to build a feature that helps managers like you get better visibility into your teams’ performance. We wanted to build a feature that would make your teams look good, and make you look great in front of your managers.

Today, we are happy to announce Team Dashboards for Freshdesk.

Create Dashboards as Unique as Your Support

With Team Dashboards, you can create and customize dashboards to track specific groups or teams with common goals. By choosing which metrics you track for each dashboard, you will no longer be flooded with data but only need one glance to figure out how well any specific group is performing.

Freshdesk Dashboard
If you are a manager who oversees multiple support teams or you are a supervisor responsible for more than one support team, here are the three major benefits of using Team Dashboards:

Live Widgets

7 different widget categories, over 20 different widgets with in-depth filtering and customization options all updated constantly so you stay informed about your support.

Intelligent Goals

Freshdesk can analyze past support performance and intelligently suggest targets for your team to achieve. If your team is swamped with too many tickets and can’t achieve these targets, the numbers change color on Team Dashboards to alert you.

Showcase your achievements

Team Dashboards is a brand new way to show off those excellent support metrics you’ve worked hard to earn. Display it on a large TV to motivate your agents on the floor or share it with your senior managers so they need only one glance to see what you’ve accomplished.

Freshdesk Dashboard features

With Team Dashboards, it is easier to keep track of how well your teams are performing, and give them specific data-driven feedback so they can improve faster. With trend tracker systems built into Team Dashboards, you can spot problems before they arise and react quickly to solve them.    

Sign up here to try out Team Dashboards today. If you want to find out more about Team Dashboards, click here

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