The Case for In-App Customer Feedback

It’s been a month since you launched your latest task management app on the App Store. You did the pre-test right, and your mom absolutely loved it. But the user base hasn’t really taken off like you thought it would. Why, you wonder. Where is the app going wrong? After all, it did get shiny Techcrunch coverage on launch day too…

Paul Graham (and a few others) called this phase the ‘Trough of Sorrow’ in the life cycle of a startup. After you strike the initial few points, like virality and need, off the checklist, you are left with the more obvious reasons most apps die – the “I Don’t Get It” syndrome.


Every app goes through different stages, before your users fall in love with it. Checkout the Mobile App - Life Cycle and analyze which phase your app is in!
The Startup Life Cycle


Andrew Chen said it best in one of his essays, when he described life after the “Techcrunch Bump”.

“Identify the root problem. Is the product working? Does the on-boarding suck? Or is execution on growth lacking? You can figure out the main bottleneck by trying to understand where it’s working and where it’s not.”

The solution seems simple. You need to be able to make user feedback and on-boarding an integral part of your app. The only question is – how do you do that?

Today, your users have 2 ways of reaching you when they have an issue. First, by posting reviews on the App Store. And second, by looking for your website (assuming you have one), and contacting you with their support queries. Not a very likely thing to happen…

Your users don’t have the time or motivation to come out of the App, note down what’s wrong, what wasn’t right, get on to the App Store or your website, raise a ticket and tell you about it.

So how DO you really get feedback?

Now let’s talk eutopia for a minute here. What would really make your life as an app developer easier?

A direct connection to be able to talk to users right inside your app would be priceless. Your users could just chat away their feedback without even getting out of your application. Get rid of those speed bumps and detours when users really just want to talk to you. Getting feedback works out just so much easier, you know exactly where the bottlenecks are and with each iteration you get to create a product your user base already loves and understands.

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