The story behind Freshdesk’s new logo

We love talking to customers. We love giving them a great product, coupled with an even better support experience. And we love listening to their feedback – the good, the bad, and the ugly. I believe a brand is a reflection of what the customer really feels about the product, so every time I hear a customer tell us how FRESH his support feels after using us I kind of get goosebumps all over…

Late last year, we decided to do away with our Orange logo. Apparently there were some legal-ish issues with trademarked oranges that we found a bit too tangy for our taste. Plus hey – here’s an opportunity to rethink our identity…

Rethinking “Fresh”: The Designer Brief

When we decided to rethink our logo, we knew right off that it had to capture the essence of freshness. That got us thinking. A sunrise walk on the beach. A whiff of morning breeze wafting through the grass. Rain drops on the window pane, and a cup of cocoa to go along. This guy. Waterfalls. Hot loaves of bread. A drizzle of honey. That was pretty much all we could come up with for our designer brief!

Jogging through: A sneak peak of the design process

For the design team, the problem was every one of these ideas seemed just about right (except the cocoa part – some of us are more of the coffee kind of person). Our rockstar logo designer wanted the motif to be something that presents and preserves the fresh thought…

rethinking the concept of "Fresh"

…Like a dew drop gliding off a blade of grass

At one point, we could almost smell drops of dew falling off the grass, and taste the raindrops in the air. And that was when we figured – nothing speaks “Fresh” like a drop of dew from the treetops landing on your face. We had captured the essence of Fresh, in a droplet!

-The design team

ideating the right motif for Freshdesk


So that was their cue. The art-smiths from the design stable abstracted the concept of the dew to a simple, and yet powerful, motif.

abstracting the dew in the new Freshdesk logo

Adding a nice touch for customer support

The final step was in adding a little bit of “perspective” to it. “He tried it flat. He gave it a bounce. He messed around with texture, till he finally had a teal drop that seemed to distil his thoughts.”

So how does it look? 

Freshdesk: the new look

I think the master stroke is the strobe of light that seems to deflect on the dew, through the Freshdesk text. Internally, we love it. It’s great to wake up every morning to a whiff of freshness. Tell us what you think about our new logo in the comments section.

Oranges out. A little dew drop of freshness… In!