Three New Integrations to Start Your New Year

Looking for the perfect software solution is not the easiest of tasks, especially when it comes to customer support. Support needs are not absolute and what may work for one business may be a deal breaker for another. While some people use a helpdesk as their one-stop-solution, others prefer to use several applications to get the job done. We understand the struggle of juggling multiple applications to ensure a smooth support flow, but even the most skilled of jugglers find it hard to keep up when the ball count keeps increasing.

In an attempt to reduce the pains of multitasking while promising the same level of efficiency, Freshdesk has brought some of your favorite applications right to the comfort of your dashboard. Take a look as we have tried to strike that perfect balance between performance and versatility.

Embracing the Classic Phone Channel with RingCentral:

Although the number of channels for support continue to grow multifold every day, few can replace the classic phone channel. When you’re aiming to provide your customers with the perfect personalized support experience, it helps when you have all your data in the same place.

The Freshdesk-RingCentral integration helps you manage your phone channel from the comfort of your ticketing helpdesk. Manage your RingCentral database and sync it with your Freshdesk account to enjoy the luxuries of supporting your customers from one place.

Learn how to link your RingCentral to your Freshdesk helpdesk here

Knowlarity - convert to ticket

File Management Solutions with OneDrive:

Nothing makes a support agent’s job easier than a lucid communication channel. When the support agent and the customer are able to understand each other, the problem is already half solved. Even though modern support channels rarely give you a chance to complain, you can find yourself in situations where you cannot convey solutions in words.

The integration with OneDrive allows you to break all these barriers and increase the scope of your support. With no restrictions on the file type or the size barrier, you can send your customer anything from crash dump logs to High Definition videos. Also, since the integration empowers both the agent and the customer, options for two-way sharing with enhanced security is enabled.

Learn how to integrate your helpdesk with your OneDrive here

OneDrive - File attachment


Call Center Integration with Knowlarity:

Hitting the right note with comfort within your helpdesk is quite a task. While most support agents are trained to roll with the punches and adapt to any situation, a centralized work environment usually helps this cause and gets the best out of your agents.

With the Knowlarity-Freshdesk integration, agents can bring their online call software and their online helpdesk under one roof. Add that tinge of personalized support with the ticket history and additional customer information popping up when you’re taking a call. In addition to these options, you can set up your own automations to ease the support flow and promote customer happiness.

Learn how to set up Knowlarity in your helpdesk here

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