Turn Your Phone into the hottest support hotline with Knowlarity, the Grasshopper of India

With your support team on Freshdesk, you can be sure to give your customers an experience to fall in love with the moment they hit “send” on their email. Or tell you their problems on your support portal. Or even when they talk about you on social media. But when your customers call the support phone line, most businesses are still stuck with moldy PBX boxes. So how do you give your customers  that refreshing support experience even when they dial in your support hotline?

Cloud telephone solutions score a big win over your traditional PBX systems. Since the phones you can route to are no longer limited by cables, you get to route your callers to just about anywhere. Your agents could be working from home, on the drive, or even vacationing by the beach, and still take your support calls.

Cloud telephone services like Grasshopper in the US allow businesses there to manage their support hotlines on-the-go, without worrying about switchboards and PBX boxes. But what about countries like India, where mobile phones are more popular than even email IDs?

That’s where Knowlarity, the Indian cloud telephony service, comes in. With Knowlarity, businesses in India can automatically play a welcome message to each caller, record calls for you, and even route calls to the right department within the team. Sounds perfect? But wait, it gets even better…

The awesome folks at Knowlarity have built a pretty cool integration with Freshdesk that takes the support hotline experience to a whole new level of “Fresh”. First off, Freshdesk customers can get a special helpline number from Knowlarity, integrated with their Freshdesk account. When customers call in, support teams can welcome them with a customized message inviting them to submit a support ticket. If customers call in during business hours, they can even be directed to a live support agent automatically. Once the call is completed, Knowlarity automatically creates a support ticket on behalf of the customer, with a link to the call records, and the caller gets an SMS with the ticket ID for their reference. Now THAT is a breath of fresh air in phone support!

Head over to their site and check out more details about Knowlarity for Freshdesk.