Welcoming our 30,000th customer

Four years ago, when we quit our jobs to start Freshdesk, we weren’t looking to change the world. We just wanted to build simple customer support software that would do its job well and not bankrupt the user. So, we assembled a core team and spent the next nine months building a V1 that would simplify and better customer service as the world knew it.

Exactly 100 days after our launch (almost three years ago), we had 100 customers. It was an important day for us because it validated that we were building something that people wanted. Since then, we have moved or expanded our office 5 times, hired a lot of new faces, raised millions of dollars in funding ($44M to be exact). But the real excitement in this growth came from the number of happy customers that we were adding. We have never believed in celebrating fundraising or headcount milestones. But milestones in Customer or Revenue numbers? That’s worth celebrating.

Today is one such day, and we’re happy to announce that we now have more than 30,000 customers.

Our 30,000th customer is Cisco, a company that needs no introduction. I would like to personally welcome Michael Whitley from Cisco as our 30,000th customer. Thanks Michael for your business and your trust in Freshdesk.

We are excited to have Cisco join our many other awesome customers, a list that includes names like Warby Parker, Verizon Wireless, and 3M. We’re really proud that so many businesses trust us to make their customers happy. It has been a truly humbling journey beyond the wildest of our dreams.

Thank you all for your trust in Freshdesk.