AI doesn’t require a cubicle

The Freddy AI for Customer Experience add-on helps you cut through the noise and identify what to prioritize

  • Provide faster resolutions with Freddy and free your agents to focus on more strategic customer engagement
  • Deal with sudden and unexpected spikes in volume without over-loading your team
  • Smooth on-boarding of new remote workers with Freddy Agent Assist
AI in customer support AI in customer support

Collaborate effectively even when the whole team is working from home

Freshdesk helps you work as one no matter whether the team is together in one place or dispersed from home locations as part of a WFH model

  • Chat with teammates right inside the ticket, where everyone gains the full context of a customer issue

  • Our new Slack integration brings Freshdesk ticketing right inside the Slack interface, where most employees spend their time
  • Shared, parent-child, split, and linked tickets help you scope discrete pieces of work for delegation and collaboration, brining your team together  
remote customer support collaboration remote customer support collaboration

Work from any Internet connection

Access tickets on your smartphone and resolve them on-the-go

  • Catch up on helpdesk items via push notifications on the Freshdesk mobile app
  • Go omnichannel and track customer journeys across all platforms - your website, chat, social media, and more
  • Make use of intelligent ticket assignment and never worry about missing out on tickets
work from home customer support work from home customer support

Curate an intelligent knowledge base 

Get your team creating high-value content together on our new-and-approved knowledge base  

  • New content versioning and approval workflows keep everyone on the same page
  • Track the status of the content under review inside Freshdesk, without the confusing back-and-forth of a shared word processing document  
  • Create checkpoints after each set of updates and track how knowledge base articles have evolved over time.
remote customer support team remote customer support team

Smart workflows = Greater efficiency

Freshdesk enables you to provide quality and consistent support

  • Set automation rules to benchmark your support operations
  • Set business hours and shifts and define working hours for agents 
  • Prioritize incoming tickets and balance workload among agents using Dynamic Queue Prioritization in Omniroute 
efficient remote support efficient remote support

Manage your contact center from your living room

Monitor agent productivity and customer satisfaction with minimal effort

  • Get real-time status updates on your agents’ performance 
  • Predict ticket volumes using the live dashboard to plan your team’s workday
  • Create custom reports on your own, with absolutely no coding 
remote support management remote support management

Be assured of data security and privacy 

Freshdesk makes sure customer data can be accessed securely from anywhere

  • Whitelist IP addresses and restrict access to your agents and customers
  • Create custom SSL certificates and secure your connections from browsers to web-servers
  • Freshdesk helps support a Customers' compliance efforts with GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI recommended principles while working remotely
remote support security remote support security

Learn more about Freshdesk

Work from home without the hassle

Freshworks marketplace has a wide range of integrations to choose from. Here are some of our recommendations to make remote customer service a success


Get access to all your files and attachments from your Dropbox account inside your Freshdesk instance

Freshdesk for Slack

Connect your Freshdesk account to view, create and collaborate on tickets, right from Slack

Microsoft Teams

Get instant notifications and stay updated on tickets while you’re collaborating with co-workers on Teams.