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Avoid delays in collating data

Monitor helpdesk productivity, customer experience, and agent workload straight out of the box, all by yourself with minimal effort.

Freshdesk’s Analytics gears you towards action

With Freshdesk’s Analytics, leverage your customer support data to craft experiences that ‘wow’ customers. Take charge with curated reports for quick insights, custom reporting to build reports unique to your business, improved shareability for better collaboration. Analytics makes helpdesk reporting easy, so you can now sit back, relax, and data!

One-click Insights

Freshdesk’s inbuilt reports provide you with a 360 view of your support function’s performance. Monitor your team’s performance along with the metrics most relevant to you. It also provides you with the essential information you need, to chart better customer experiences. All of this in a single click!

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Bespoke analytics 

With multiple ways to look at helpdesk reporting, Freshdesk’s Analytics lets you customize and build your reports in the way you want them — with absolutely no coding and minimal effort. Create reports on the fly without having to depend on a data analyst or external business intelligence (BI) tools.

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Custom Reports

Team Dashboards

Customize your dashboards to showcase the required metrics, and enable your teams to make data-driven decisions to meet their support targets. A customized dashboard will give your agents visibility into the tickets that require immediate attention, help them quickly jump in, and assist the team with improving the overall metrics. It can also motivate them to make it to the top of the leaderboard. 

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Ticket Volume Trends

Freshdesk Analytics guides you through support data

Compare against yourself

Compare any two of your key support metrics to see how they interact with each other. You can even study a single metric across different timelines to identify underlying patterns and problems. Be your own standard and measure your progress to see how you fare

Schedule your reports

Have your most important reports delivered regularly to your inbox by setting up schedules. Get your reports in a PDF format that includes data visualizations.

Slice and dice

Apply filters and operators to your data as you go. Delve deeper and glean insights from your data along with the ‘AND’, ‘OR’, & ‘NOT’ operators, to sift through the complexity of the data.