Stay apprised on your helpdesk performance

Being a helpdesk know-it-all can surely help! One glance at the Helpdesk In-depth report, and you’ll have all the information about where your support tickets are and how efficiently they’re being moved across the ticket lifecycle. 

It doesn’t stop there! You can also learn from your past by looking at your Ticket Volume Trends report and arm yourself for what’s coming. With insights on your helpdesk performance, you’ll always stay in control of your customer support.

Customer insights

A collective pat-on-the-back from your customers is the boost your support team needs and deserves. Use the CSAT survey report to know how your customers feel about your support. 

Identify opportunities to craft better experiences using our Top Customer Analysis report. Understand which of your customers have interacted the most with your agents, the kind of tickets they’ve raised, and how efficiently you’ve been resolving them.

Manage your team’s performance

Get a bird’s eye view of how your team is performing on the key support metrics through the Performance Distribution report. Supplement it with the Ticket Lifecycle report to learn how long your resolved tickets have spent in each stage of the ticket lifecycle, and iron out the kinks in your process.

Top it off with the Agent and Group Performance report to carry out a range of productivity hacks. Drive action towards pending tickets, optimize agent ticket load, and even your staffing needs.


Your very own control panel

With customizable dashboards, stop at nothing to achieve a well-oiled support helpdesk. Help your agents and other groups stay in the know by setting up dashboards that give them concise snapshots of their workload, issues that need their attention, the impact they’ve created and a lot more!

Empower your agents and groups to prioritize and track their performance using bespoke dashboards tailored for your needs.


Perfect your knowledge base content

Get key insights into your knowledge base performance at a glance without any manual work.

Go a step further and identify the top articles or agents influencing your knowledge base metrics so that you can optimize the content creation process.