Create dashboards as unique as your support

Monitor your teams easily and take better data driven decisions with Team Dashboards. Identify problems with a quick glance at your team’s performance and respond to them faster.

Report Answers

Monitor your helpdesk easily

Spot problems before they snowball using concise snapshots to track ticket lifecycles, team workload, customer satisfaction ratings and more.

Make sense of your metrics

Compare related metrics and find quick solutions to common helpdesk issues. For example, agent bandwidth and ticket trends data, side by side, can tell you if your team is understaffed.

Ticket Lifecycle Report

Improve team productivity

Monitor your team’s performance through the day and easily identify things like groups with the most pending requests, or overloaded agents to step in early and avoid escalations.

Help agents track performance

With the Agent Dashboard, your agents can prioritize and track their performance better by getting a rundown of their ticket backlog, tracking satisfaction ratings and more.

Get the metrics you need, when you need them

Your helpdesk, in depth

Understand your helpdesk inside out with a single report covering all your ticket metrics.

Trends in your tickets

Empower agents to save time, work more effectively, and increase their efficiency.

Quick answers to your questions

Pull up specific metrics without having to dig through entire reports with our Q&A feature.