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Helpdesk insights at a glance

Daily and hourly ticket load and performance

Track Team Performance

Identify bottlenecks and redundancies inside your helpdesk by tracking your team’s performance metrics.

You can pick out groups which have the most pending requests, channels drawing the most traffic and customers who are likely to be dissatisfied, giving you an opportunity to sort your problems before they lead to a crisis situation.

Daily and hourly ticket load and performance

Manage Backlog

Drill down on your ticket backlog based on their properties and enable better work prioritisation.

All tickets are sorted by type, priority and status, letting you decide faster which tickets you need to get to first. You can also visually track your performance as well as tickets which are open for long periods.

Daily and hourly ticket load and performance

Track Ticket Flow

Follow ticket trends and utilise the breakdown of tickets on the basis of incoming channels to manage your staffing accordingly.

You can also track ticket flow against time, making it more effective to manage your shifts along with tracking for channel specific activities like call monitoring and keeping pace with chats and forums.

Daily and hourly ticket load and performance

Manage Agents

Track individual agent workload and performance metrics to set and maintain your helpdesk standards.

See how long your agents take to solve tickets and how often they adhere to the service levels as well as the number of interactions they take to resolve a customer’s issues.

Daily and hourly ticket load and performance

Customer Satisfaction

Keep track of your customer sentiment and reduce churn. Track unhappy customers and turn the situation to your benefit by quickly addressing their issues and improve retention.

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