Metrics made easier

Metrics made easier

Customize your dashboards

With 7 different widget categories and over 20 widgets to choose from, choose the right KPIs to monitor your teams better.

Choose from 5 different widget types and over 20 individual widgets to track the right KPI for your support team
Get updates as it happens

Critical information will be constantly updated so you can keep an eye on it easily.

Dashboard metrics are updated live so you only need one glance to understand the state of your support
Set targets intelligently

Team Dashboards can monitor your performance targets and warn you if there is a sudden rise in workload.

If your support numbers are not great, Team Dashboards highlights them in Amber to warn you and Red to alert you as the numbers worsen.
Spot problems and react faster

Track trends related to SLAs, tickets or time easily and respond quickly to any situation.

Track trends across tickets, time, SLA expectations and see how your team is performing.

A dashboard as unique as your team

Show off your performance

The newly redesigned dashboards make data accessible for everyone, so even senior management can note your performance with just one glance.

Measure your impact on the business

Cards like Customer Happiness and Today’s Trends can help teams see the impact their support has on the business as a whole and motivate them.

Collaborate more efficiently

With metrics constantly tailored to your support style and team, you’ll know exactly where to improve to make collaborations more efficient.

Track trends and predict performance

Compare your team’s performance with historical data to spot patterns, notice overall trends and provide better insights to the teams.

Decide with the help of data

Set goals intelligently, provide better insights to your team, take data-driven decisions and help your agents reach their goals faster.