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  • Call queue and waiting
  • Multi-channel integration
  • Reporting
  • Automation
  • First call resolution
  • Agent dashboard
  • Visibility into call queue
  • Monitor agent availability
  • Gamification

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With over 200 employees worldwide, is organized into industry-focused sector teams with core domain knowledge across several areas including IT, customer support, multimedia engineering, and more. In addition, they provide and fully support e-learning technology and content to colleges, proprietary schools, associations, and corporations.

The Problem

The customer support team at receives about 650 support tickets every day -- with 58% of incoming support tickets via telephone. “Before Freshdesk, we didn’t even know how many customer issues were coming in each day,” says Craig Douglas, Sr. Director of Operations at

The two end-user support teams catering to customer at 360 combined receive around 58,000 inbound requests every quarter with 58% from phone, 17% from chat, 20% via email, and 5% from self service. Craig says, “phone is our most broadly advertised method for support; many of our users have a sense of urgency around their query.”

“We had to make a change -- it was chaotic and disorganized,” says Craig.

The first task for Craig and team was to make sure every customer contact was logged as a ticket, the gating factor to improving the customer satisfaction rate. Before Freshdesk, less than half of customer calls were logged as tickets. Per Craig: “We didn’t have transparency when it came to diagnosing root cause and prescribing corrective actions to drive call volumes down.”

Adding Freshdesk: Straightforward and Easy to Use

The first step to their goal was a customer support system with deep integration capabilities with other support channels such as phone, email, and self service. With Freshdesk in place, was able to immediately log 100% of all contacts as tickets.

“Call queue and reporting were immediately helpful. They gave us real-time visibility into what was going on”, recalls Craig. Since the adoption of the Freshdesk phone channel, the team at have identified key metrics to improve reporting. Statistics for queue time, ring time, and hold time are now quickly accessible. Among the metrics that Freshdesk offers, the team finds first call resolution, customer satisfaction rate, and answer rate to be extremely useful.

“Implementation and training were seamless. Our agents need minimal training and they find Freshdesk easy to use. During the new-agent onboarding, the Freshdesk training is super short and the agents love using the system.”

“Call queue and reporting were immediately helpful. They gave us real-time visibility into what was going on”

Craig Douglas

Sr. Director of Operations

Positive Outcomes: Significant Value for Both Operations and Support Teams

In addition to logging every call as a ticket, support agents are able to quickly resolve issues, and Craig and his team now have full insights on the customer support landscape.

First call resolution was considered a critical component for Craig’s team “Before using Freshdesk, the first call resolution was a manual process. Agents would ask our customers in a survey whether or not their issue was resolved in the first call,” says Craig. “The data was not reliably accurate. After implementing Freshdesk, the first call resolution data is accurate. A major plus is that when a ticket is reopened, it counts back against first call resolution -- this is a big deal in terms of driving agent behavior.”

When started using Freshdesk in August 2015, their customer satisfaction rate was around 60%, and agent engagement was lacking.

“In less than a year of using Freshdesk, our customer satisfaction rate has moved from around 60% to 80%,” says Craig. “Thanks to the survey capability within Freshdesk, we can track this dramatic improvement.”

Just as important, the team has seen a leap in agent productivity, agent engagement, and overall call support efficiency. One of the metrics they track is agent utilization, and they have seen this metric significantly improve over the last 9 months. “We use the arcade and gamification functionality inside Freshdesk to drive behavioral change in the agent pool,” says Craig. “Now our agents are highly engaged in satisfying customers.”