Publishing (Physical Sciences)


Melville, NY USA


Customer Support

  • Managing multiple mailboxes
  • Consolidating emails from all mailboxes
  • Meeting 48-hour response SLAs
  • Using Excel to monitor productivity
  • Obtaining accurate and pertinent reporting metrics
  • Dispatch’r rules

About AIP Publishing

AIP Publishing is a wholly owned not-for-profit subsidiary of the American Institute of Physics (AIP). The company’s mission is to support the charitable, scientific and educational purposes of AIP through scholarly publishing activities in the fields of the physical and related sciences on its own behalf, and on behalf of our publishing partners to help them proactively advance their missions. The AIP Publishing portfolio includes 31 publications across the physical science spectrum.

The Customer Experience and Order Processing (CEOP) team of AIP Publishing receives more than 40,000 e-mails per year from customers across the globe. The responsibility of replying to these e-mails adequately, and within the companies 48-hour turnaround falls upon the Institutes Customer Experience and Order Processing team.


With an increasing number of e-mails each year, it became a daunting task for the Customer Experience and Order Processing (CEOP) team to manage 10 different e-mail inboxes and respond to e-mails within their 48-hour turnaround time.

The management team recognized that they required an intuitive customer support solution that

  • Consolidated e-mails from multiple mailboxes
  • Allowed the ability to prioritize so the more emergent inquiries could be answered quickly
  • Allowed the ability to assign emails based on skills and experience of the agent
  • Controlled the flow of incoming e-mails based on a defined hierarchy within the system

After assessing several solutions, AIP Publishing finalized their decision selecting Freshdesk over Zendesk. They preferred Freshdesk due to the many features they could easily implement immediately without in-house IT resources, the long list of features they recognized as being useful and strategic to their growth, and the ability to address the current challenges faced by their team. As an additional bonus Freskdesk’s pricing won over the other products evaluated.

“Online documentation researched during the evaluation period led me to believe that the set up would be simple with Freshdesk. I performed the initial set up and it was straightforward, so I went ahead, and completed the installation of Freshdesk.”

Bernadette Garcia

Assistant Director, (CEOP)

AIP Publishing

Solution we provided

Transitioning to Freshdesk proved to be a significant value-add for Bernadette and her team. Sharing her thoughts on the implementation and how it compared to the initial setup Bernadette stated, “I thought I would need our internal IT team’s support, but I actually did not require that for setting up Freshdesk. I was able to do it all myself.”

Post implementation, the e-mails flow seamlessly from multiple Outlook e-mail mailboxes to distinct groups that Bernadette setup in Freshdesk and are consolidated in one place. These inquiries are assigned to the correct group or to an individual representative depending on the ticket.

Freshdesk has helped Bernadette and her team to

  • Automatically close e-mails with no action required, saving the customer experience agent’s time. Previously, this required manual intervention to move each email into separate folders consuming agent resources.
  • Quickly view the number of tickets assigned to a specific group or an individual within the team.
  • Identify e-mails historically related to one customer. Now customer experience agents can easily identify their customer’s needs using information such as previous interactions, helping the agent to provide the best service and fastest resolution times.
  • Automatically assign e-mails to groups or individuals by using Freshdesk’s Dispatch’r rules.
  • Identify specific areas of improvement through advanced reporting at both high (multi-team) and granular (ticket detail) levels.
  • Improve ticket workflows between internal teams.
  • Establish clearer agent roles and responsibilities through transparent ticket assignment and specific SLAs.

The overall result is streamlined processes that allow AIP’s agents to identify and focus their attention where it is needed benefiting both AIP Publishing and their customers. At the Admin level, the ease of adding to or changing configurations has made it possible to make changes on the fly to adapt the Freshdesk tool as AIP Publishing’s business changes and continues to grow.

“The number of representatives in the team versus the number of mailboxes to be supported versus the increasing number of e-mails to be responded to started posing a considerable challenge for the team. Freshdesk has helped us consolidate all emails in one place and resolve the pain points that we were experiencing with Outlook.”

Kimberly Matura

Manager, Customer Experience

AIP Publishing


Freshdesk is used by 4 customer experience representatives, 4 order processing staff and 3 management team members within the institute’s Customer Experience and Order Processing department. They all found Freshdesk easy to adapt to and simple to use in resolving day-to-day challenges. Prior to using Freshdesk the team had no experience using a ticketing tool. They were able to quickly begin assisting customers utilizing Freshdesk’s online documentation in combination with their own training documentation. No formal training was needed for the team to begin using Freshdesk.

Freshdesk has played an instrumental role in helping the team maintain their SLA targets above 90%. This has been partially due to the ability to view specific metrics at a glance in Freshdesk that were not available using traditional e-mail systems:

  • The number of tickets or e-mails received monthly. A critical and useful data point to understand customer and employee needs with easy to understand graphical representations to present to management.
  • Ticket turnaround times. Visibility into ticket first response times, average response times, first contact resolution, and performance by groups and agents has allowed for process modifications to improve ticket resolution times resulting in even happier customers.

Moving forward, Bernadette plans to continue to leverage the tracking of performance metrics through the built-in reporting features in Freshdesk. In addition, developing the customer knowledgebase for customer self-service and implementing FreshChat are on the horizon to further enhance the amenities that AIP Publishing provides to its subscribers.