• Lack of ticket-tracking mechanism
  • Inadequate reporting
  • Round-robin ticket assignment
  • Rules – Dispatch’r, Supervisor, Observer


Agent productivity up by


Open tickets reduced by


Number of agents


About Alice

Alice, headquartered in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, is a leading travel tech start-up, and Israel’s largest online travel agency (OTA). Founded in 2014, Alice commenced its operations in April 2016 and has since gone on to become one of the largest tourist sites in Israel. While traditional OTAs focus only on price to attract customers, Alice focuses on customer experience (on site and other touchpoints) and customer service to differentiate itself in a cluttered market, along with attractive prices.

The problem

Before Freshdesk, Alice used a shared mailbox for all agents to deal with customer service requests. The agents would pick up tickets (emails) without any set logic and, as Alice kept growing, this mechanism soon started to prove inadequate. Following were few of the issues that Alice had to face with email for customer support:

  • Agents had to spend time in choosing the tickets to go after
  • It was difficult to monitor and follow up on tickets – whether pending or closed
  • There were no set service level agreements (SLAs) for ticket resolution
  • There was no escalation process in place for high-priority tickets  
  • There were no automations or rules in use to improve efficiency

The solution

After evaluating a few options, Alice soon zeroed in on Freshdesk to manage their burgeoning customer requests. Freshdesk provided an easy and effective mechanism to manage customer tickets. With 20 agents working across shifts, Freshdesk was able to give Alice visibility into its overall customer support process and its agents a smarter way of managing the ever-increasing ticket-load.

Right after implementing Freshdesk, Alice eliminated the need for agents to choose the tickets they would work on. Using Freshdesk’s round-robin ticket assignment system, Alice could now automatically assign tickets to an agent the moment they came in, thereby cutting down on the time spent in assigning tickets and improving response and resolution times.

Alice also used Freshdesk’s built-in automations and rules to automatically close tickets that were pending at the customer’s end for a specified duration, which helped agents focus on open/priority tickets.

Using Dispatch’r, Freshdesk’s automated categorization and prioritization module, and built-in reporting capabilities, Alice was able to effectively determine agent loads and optimization opportunities.

“Freshdesk’s round-robin system is amazing. It dramatically lowered the time that agents would spend on just picking up tickets. The whole system is very, very effective.”

omer lahat
Omer Lahat

Chief Marketing Officer


Results achieved

Within a month of implementing Freshdesk, Alice saw over 40% increase in agent productivity and efficiency. With Freshdesk, Alice was also able to drastically reduce the number of open tickets at any time from 80-100 to just 15-20. There was a marked improvement in the first response rate that was in line with Alice’s overall vision centered on superior customer experience.

Future roadmap

Alice plans to integrate Freshchat, our modern messaging software, into its customer service ecosystem. With Freshchat, Alice will be able to provide customers with a self-service mechanism using FAQs that will be customized based on the page the user is on.

“Customer success has been Alice’s promise since inception and Freshdesk has helped us get better on that front”

Omer Lahat

Chief Marketing Officer