• Messy ticketing system
  • Loss of time
  • Loss of tickets
  • Portal
  • Forums
  • Reporting
  • Automations

The Company

aNewSpring is a next generation Learning Management System for training providers. It develops and offers a SaaS learning platform which helps customers learn more efficiently. By integrating social interaction, personal learning, and reinforcement training, it helps professionals learn smarter and perform better.

In its endeavour to provide the best support experience possible, Earth911 hit quite a few roadblocks. Trey Granger, Senior Waste Analyst at EarthThe company, headquartered in Rotterdam, Netherlands, was founded in the year 2005 by Marten de Prez and Rene Persoon. Working extensively with partners based in the United Kingdom, South Africa, and India, aNewSpring has helped over 10,000 businesses train their employees more efficiently while individual tutors have trained more than 500,000 students with 50 million personalized lessons. In 2014, E-learning 24/7 ranked aNewSpring as one of the top 50 Learning Management Systems, in their yearly report.

The Problem

aNewSpring offers courses, guidance, blended/in-group learning, and conversations between tutors and students. To provide a seamless support experience alongside all these features, the company required a fully integrated ticketing system.

The company’s previous ticketing system lacked the ability to provide support over multiple channels since it could convert only emails to a tickets. The lack of multiple channel support, resulted in the support team using multiple alternative solutions to keep track of tickets that came in via other channels. This unnecessarily complicated the support process for the company and made it difficult to organize and track customer communication.

The Solution

aNewSpring started looking for solutions but found most of the helpdesk systems in the market not up to their expectations. During this search, Stefan van den Tol, Service Manager at aNewSpring,came across Freshdesk and found its story quite inspiring, deciding to give Freshdesk a try.

The breadth of channels, customizability and depth in each channel combined with the simplicity of the software came as a refreshing surprise to the aNewSpring team. The ease with which they could set up the helpdesk and tailor it to suit their business and customers sealed the deal for them.

“In the past one year, we’ve gone from an 87% positive rating to 94% and we are very proud about that. Freshdesk helps us be more 'Awesome'.”

stefan van den tol
Stefan van den Tol

Service Manager


The Benefits

Since making the switch to Freshdesk, aNewSpring agents have been able to track questions that pour in through different channels all in one place, greatly reducing the time spent by them in juggling tools. The intuitive software as well as the tight integration of channels within the helpdesk has helped agents get to their customers faster and provide a more consistent all-round support experience.

Filtering, categorizing and assigning tickets with Freshdesk’s automations have helped the team avoid a cumbersome mailbox experience. With ticket statuses and priorities, agents can easily track conversations with customers and take tickets to complete resolution quicker. Agents now concentrate on getting the problem solved rather than trying to figure out a way to deal with lost tickets and angry customers.

aNewSpring’s customers, who are primarily from the education sector, actively use Freshdesk’s Community Forums as a platform to ask, suggest, ideate and engage. The discussions on the forum help the company understand how customers use its product while contributing greatly to the feature roadmap.

Freshdesk’s Reporting suite allows the aNewSpring team to derive clear actionable insights about their support process and work in a more organized manner. The extensive multi-level reports help the team evaluate innovations and new features while quickly tracking the biggest issues in their helpdesk.

With Freshdesk, aNewSpring has empowered its agents to provide customers with a seamless support experience irrespective how they choose to engage with them.