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About AP Processing

AP Processing(APPS) is a national debt settlement company, providing debt settlement/negotiation services to customers across the United States. AP Processing develops individualized debt settlement programs for its clients and protects them from the harsh impacts of bankruptcy. Based in Jupiter, Florida, they have over 4000 clients.

How Things Used To Work

Customers call into the helpline and talk to the customer service department. The CS department logs in the call as a ticket and sends all the information to an agent in the negotiations department. Negotiations begins a dialogue on behalf of the debtor with the creditor. Once an agreement is reached, CS puts into motion the paperwork to get it all down in writing.

Previously, APPS responded to customer queries with the help of a ticketing enabled CRM system. However, the process didn’t scale well and APPS wanted to build their own in-house ticketing system to handle customer requests, and then gradually expand the scope of their support. They decided to stake out the help desk market first so as to get a good idea of the features they wanted to incorporate into their help desk.

“We’ve been looking for several years for a customer service platform that lets us streamline our conversations with the general public, freshdesk just make things easy and it has everything we were looking for.”

Paul White

AP Processing

The Customer Support Challenge

APPS wanted a support tool that would make sure that no queries ever fell through the cracks. With the large number of interdepartmental exchanges required for a single customer, it is imperative that no correspondence ever be lost. Tickets are assigned to the different departments based on their kind (legal orders to the legal department, creditor information to the negotiations department.etc). The inflow of requests also differed from department to department; customer service receives more requests than any other department and the system has to be able to handle the load.

The Freshdesk Experience

APPS just wanted a system that would make sure that the internal flow of information is as smooth as possible with no roadblocks. No lost conversations, no forgotten queries. And they’re happy that they’ve found it in Freshdesk.

APPS loves just how efficient their process has become. Before Freshdesk, a lot of time was spent in routing information through the various departments and keeping track of conversations. Now, APPS is free to focus on just helping its customers. Keyword filters helps them keep out all the drivel and makes sure that only the relevant tickets get attention. FreshPlugs is a particular favorite because it helps them route in all their customer info that they’d accumulated in their old CRM into Freshdesk with minimum hassle !