• Chaos of large volumes across multiple email accounts 

  • Cluttered inboxes hindering resolution of end-user requests

Average resolution time

~2 hours


The Company

AWM Electrical is an Australian Electrical Wholesaler dealing in the distribution and supply of electrical, data communications and accessory products. As one of the key brands of the MMEM (Metal Manufactures Electrical Merchandising) group, the company has over 55 branches across Australia, servicing a broad range of industries.

Out with email Chaos, in with Proactive Conversation

Email is the most common form of business communication. For businesses, it is as simple as setting up multiple email accounts and distributing the details to their team members.

However, the simplicity of such a system doesn’t scale with business growth. Large volumes of emails can lead to crowded and cluttered inboxes, making end-user requests more difficult to manage for support teams. Customer requests start slipping through the cracks which erodes the trust between customers and the company.

AWM Electrical ran into these problems while using Outlook to organize and respond to customer requests. The company had set up multiple email addresses, each receiving an average of 50-100 emails a day, across several teams including projects, purchases, sales and other office branches. Managing the email chaos was not just a herculean task for the employees but an agonizing experience for customers who facing slow turnaround times and disappointing responses to priority requests.

Living the Company Vision: One Stop, One Solution

AWM’s business model functions on a simple fact - every customer is unique. The company’s strapline, ‘One Stop, One Solution’ is not just an aspirational brand message but something that every employee from top-down believes in.

To live up to this vision, the AWM team transitioned to Freshdesk, a one-stop helpdesk solution and streamlined their customer support process to deliver superior experiences to every customer. While the team evaluated Zendesk and other options, Freshdesk was a natural choice with strong leadership endorsement owing to its intuitive interface, powerful capabilities and the fastest deployment time of all options.

The AWM Electrical support team has brought the combined power of conversation, productivity, context and collaboration, to one place. With Freshdesk, the AWM support group is now able to:

  • Track, prioritise and respond to customer requests efficiently, and in the shortest time possible

  • Access past customer conversations in one place to communicate with context

  • Track ownership of support queries and prevent duplicate responses

  • Monitor team performance and gain insights to improve the support experience

  • Engage and motivate support agents using gamification and leaderboards

"We have set our branch a target of responding to customers with a resolution in 2 to 4 hours. Our average for the year is just over 2 hours. Previously, when we were relying on email to conduct sales with our customers, the only metric we had, which is anecdotal but none-the-less indicative, is when a customer would contact us days later to ask if we'd even received their email. Not only does the customer get an immediate response advising we have got their email, but using Freshdesk, the customer now has full visibility over what is happening with their request. Without Freshdesk, we would not have been able to get the average response to where it currently is." said Ross Walker, IT Development and Support, AWM

“With Freshdesk, we have transitioned from a very reactive to a proactive customer support culture because it gives us complete visibility of our customer requests and conversations and enables our teams to provide timely contextual resolutions to customers.”

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Ross Walker

IT Development and Support