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About Beyond Retail

Beyond Retail is a UK based company that sells bathroom, kitchen and heating products to Britain’s homeowners, developers, tradespeople and landlords. Beyond retail website attracts over 2 million annual visitors looking for affordable products, diverse choice and a great customer experience. Freshdesk helped Beyond Retail move up from a rudimentary email powered system to a more comprehensive solution that allowed to scale up and meet the demand of incoming tickets.

beyond retail


Beyond Retail were challenged by the volume of emails they received for their customer support. However, their existing solution Groove, was unable to handle the load effectively. Beyond Retail lacked any sort of structure to route and monitor their ticket flows. This meant high numbers of lost tickets, no way to set ticket priorities and status and a lack of a way to monitor performance at ticket and agent levels.

Why Freshdesk

The team at Beyond Retail trialled many well known solutions including tools such as Zendesk. None of those trialled however were simple, powerful and inexpensive, which were the key factors in deciding them to choose Freshdesk.

Using Freshdesk

With Freshdesk, Beyond Retail was able to get a better handle on the ticket workload. The automation capabilities were able to ensure fair distribution of tickets among the agents and prioritize workload at an individual level.

Freshdesk’s gamification leaderboards also instilled a competitive streak among agents and high performing agents began to get recognition. The individual reports also helped identify agents who needed help at specific junctures and assisted them with workload management.

Success with Freshdesk

With Freshdesk, Beyond Retail experienced an improvement in the overall quality of their customer support delivery. Smoother workflows, better ticket resolution abilities and improved customer service were also welcome benefits with Freshdesk.

“Using Freshdesk has improved our service. Customers can rate our responses, this allows is to track our service and pick up on anything we can improve on. Emails from customers are sent to the correct department so they are dealt with quicker. We can also make comparisons between members of staff to monitor progress”

elliot lees bell
Elliot Lees-Bell

Founder & MD

Beyond Retail

Future with Freshdesk

Freshdesk had impressed Beyond Retail to great lengths. Elliot’s team are raring to try new features such as chat channels, advanced reporting, skills based ticket assignment, Trust Pilot integrated responses and more.