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  • Multiple time zones
  • Lack of transparency
  • Duplication of work
  • Reporting
  • Groups

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Breakers Unlimited, a 30 year old company focussed on high quality customer service, is the market leader of circuit breakers, fuses, and related motor control components to the wholesale and distributor market in the United States.

Freshdesk has been instrumental in collating the entire data across its sales function from different locations and in centralizing the management of this data to enable a smooth flow of information across the sales department.

Challenges at Breakers Unlimited

One of the most critical functions of Breakers Unlimited, the Sales Management, was done using email and Outlook. As the company operates across multiple time zones and regions, this led to a multiplicity of the information across regions. There was an added risk of multiple resources working on the same order as there was no transparency regarding the status of an order. This also led to possible delays in enquiry resolution and order fulfilment.

Being a customer focussed company, Breakers Unlimited felt the need to improve its resolution time and overhaul its entire order management system.

Implementing Freshdesk

Breakers Unlimited’s sales team uses Freshdesk for purchase orders received via fax, emails. Freshdesk helps collect and collate multiple enquiries/orders from different locations to a single platform enabling centralization of the data. Once collated, the enquiry/order is forwarded to the particular region for further action and order fulfilment yet the enquiry is still available in the system for any other agent to view at a later stage. The distribution is much simpler now as with new customized rules in Freshdesk, the bifurcation and distribution of orders are done easily.

Even though the data is centralized, each region acts as a decentralized team and group, with each location deciding on the best way to fulfil the order. This is an immense value add of using the Freshdesk tool.

“We have been able to tailor Freshdesk to our needs and use it effectively to streamline our order processing operations.”

Stuart Janda

Sales Team Leader

Breakers Unlimited

Benefits from Freshdesk and its favourite features

Implementation of Freshdesk has facilitated the sales department at Breakers Unlimited with an ability to create groups as per business needs which has played a crucial role in cutting down staff redundancy and also helped in the effective management of a purchase order(PO). For example, if a PO is generated for a particular location, and there are multiple people working in that location, everyone in the team at that location can see the status of the order and who is working on the order so as to eliminate any misunderstanding or unnecessary duplication of efforts between the team.

Furthermore, Freshdesk provides a platform for communication amongst agents in the same region without affecting the agents in other regions which was unimaginable in prior scenario.

Stuart stated that with help of rules, he is able to create different projects and solutions within the team across different regions. He loves the feature of creating rules and stated that he uses rules of dispatcher, supervisor and observer, all the time! He further adds, “Rules save my time and I can easily find a particular order based on the search criteria.”

The team has also been able to save customers time by providing a resolution faster than before. For eg. If a customer has an issue with an order, all the conversations regarding that order can be referred to just with the order number and this helps in getting to the root cause of the possible issue immediately without wasting time and its resolution is also provided much faster.

Success with Freshdesk

Stuart is confident that Breakers Unlimited’s Order processing team has become more efficient post implementation of Freshdesk.

For example, prior to Freshdesk if a customer called to enquire about an order, the agent had to go back and see who had worked on the order, what the order was and other details as these details were not instantly available. Now all the sales staff has access to all the orders which has led to decrease in the transfer of calls between locations to provide resolution to the customer enquiry.

Earlier there was a single customer service email while now there are multiple emails and also different groups with different responsibilities across different time zones.

Another key benefit as quoted by Stuart is an effective measurement of productivity of the staff. This has also helped Stuart to identify resources who need assistance in terms of training and support to work more efficiently.

Overall, Stuart quotes, “The employees are very happy using Freshdesk.”