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The Company

Launched in the year 2014, BUX was the eureka moment for Nick Bortot and his partners, Robert Bos and Egbert Pronk. It started as a novel attempt to bring down the wall that guarded the stock market, which was then being enjoyed only by bankers, and make it accessible to everyone.

The BUX app makes trading stocks attainable, safe, educational and exciting. It offers stocks in commodities and currencies to clients who trade through CFD, a new derivative that follows the exact price of an underlying stock. This contract enables BUX to provide stocks for trade at a relatively cheap price and also in a very easy manner.

The team consists of 20 employees who work from offices in Amsterdam and London. With over 175,000 sign ups, BUX is working on plans to expand globally.

The Problem

Offering stocks as low as 40 Pounds (50 Euros), BUX encourages people aged between 18-35, including students, to get familiar with stock trading. Being a mobile-only application, it is immensely popular among the millenials who are financially fearless. The customer support team at BUX wanted to ensure that they had the right tools to provide stellar support always, considering the complexity of the market and the dimension of a newer audience. This meant that in-app support was not a luxury, but a necessity that would help them engage with customers from within the app itself.

“With Freshdesk, we have the luxury of having email, portal, phone and most importantly, Mobihelp under one roof. This is the best feature of Freshdesk for us.”

yorick naeff
Yorick Naeff

Head of Client Operations


The Solution

BUX began its quest for a commendable support system by evaluating the trial versions of several helpdesk systems. The choices were ultimately narrowed down to Zendesk and Freshdesk. The uncomplicated interface and simplicity of the product offered by Freshdesk impressed the team. As a growing company, they didn’t want a helpdesk that was already established. They felt that since Freshdesk was in a growing phase itself, the helpdesk would compliment their growth.

The Benefits

The customer support agents at BUX handle questions close to 1400 tickets each month, ranging from simple how-tos to complex financial questions. The team of 6 spends close to 40-50 hours each week on support, also taking help from 3 occasional agents on busier days.

BUX integrated Mobihelp into its app using the SDK provided by Freshdesk. This was very convenient as Mobihelp closely resembled their own application’s interface and directly linked to the primary helpdesk that the support team manages. Their clients don’t even notice that they are dealing with another support tool. Mobihelp allows the users to chat with the support agents and search for solution articles from inside the app.

Since they cater to multiple geographical regions, it was important for the team to ensure that solution articles were available to customers in their native languages. The support team uses the knowledge base extensively where it segregates FAQs in clusters to reach out to different questions. The clusters provide region-specific support articles and the complexity of issues varies with each cluster.

BUX’s clients didn't need to restrict themselves to the app; they could also reach out using other channels like the feedback widgets, phone and email. The agents found it extremely easy to acquire access to phone numbers in different countries with Freshdesk, without having to use a bespoke system for the same. The tight integration that Freshdesk offers with its multiple channels helps the team stay on top of their support all the time.