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Average resolution time

4 hours

Average response time

4 minutes

First contact resolution


About Campaigntrack

Campaigntrack is Australia’s largest real estate marketing company. It provides clients in Australia and New Zealand with a full-service marketing platform that brings the entire process in one place. Its expertise ranges from marketing residential and commercial properties to creating content and print signage. They also provide digital services and consultation on financial reconciliation.

Campaigntrack has over 450 professionals working to serve 4000 customers and executing 170,000+ campaigns a year

Campaigntrack’s customer service team are an integral part of their business model

Campaigntrack's support team works directly with clients to provide support on any marketing projects and assist them with any issues they face.

Mike Pretlove, the Operations Director at Campaigntrack, said: “Customers highly value the connection they have with their customer service teams. The  customer service department consists of 7 teams that clients consider an integral part of their own marketing teams.”

The customer service evolution at Campaigntrack

During their journey as a company over the last 15 years, the customer service team faced three primary challenges.

  • Heavy reliance on individual agents
    The company was formed at a time when support was done primarily by phone. As they grew organically, email became their primary communication tool with customers. But they started to face a few difficulties with both channels: “We realized quickly that the structure was not suitable because it relied too heavily on the individual agent, which was a problem if they were unavailable,” Mike said.

  • Difficulty with internal collaboration
    Campaingtrack tried approaching support by creating agent groups so that there would be more than one agent to handle an issue if someone was not available, which also threw up a couple of problems: “In group support, the situation is that you have multiple agents viewing every incoming inquiry, and coordination needed a third party platform or chat if the team were not in the same location leading to missed inquiries,” Mike revealed.

  • Inability to oversee agent performance:
    Mike felt that there was an overall lack of transparency as to what his team was doing and how balanced their workloads were.

Why Campaigntrack chose Freshworks

Mike wanted to implement a support solution that would work seamlessly across functions and not create too much friction in customer experience. He explained how Campaigntrack arrived at choosing Freshdesk as its customer service platform: “We identified that what we needed to implement was a solution that worked across the business. We sat down and did the due diligence, reviewed features, pricing & the support that was offered, and came to the decision to roll out Freshworks.”

“We chose Freshworks because of the features and pricing, but what stood out was the dedicated support. It was a highlight and something that certainly caught our attention”

Mike Pretlove

Operations Director


Going from a shared inbox to a hybrid support system

Mike talked to us about how the switch from shared inbox to Freshdesk for support helped improve transparency and accountability. “Moving from an email-based solution to Freshworks enabled us to first have transparency over the data and to pinpoint where we needed to make improvements. Our customer service teams are incentivized to improve the ratio of the number of inquiries coming in - to the number of orders being shipped.”

“With Freshworks’ features like the knowledge base, help widget, customers became less reliant on our teams and improved their efficiency per order and reduced the inquiry ratio. It also leads to a better customer experience if they can resolve their own issues independently.”

Before implementing Freshdesk, Campaigntrack was receiving close to 8000+ phone calls but now, that number has come down to approximately 4000, with inquiries now being more evenly distributed across other channels such as email and self-service, helping reduce call volumes.

Integrating Freshworks with other software to provide seamless experiences

One of the other advantages Mike saw in choosing Freshworks, was in the platform’s ability to integrate easily with other applications and software. “Interacting with various stand-alone customer service systems can be a complicated experience for a user, and it invariably affects the customer experience. We wanted to be able to transition our system and integrate it without our customers noticing the change. Thanks to the support from Freshworks and our internal team, we were able to switch over the entire company overnight without the customers noticing any change.”

Campaigntrack is currently in the process of integrating three important tools with Freshworks:

1. Slack: The support team are in the process of creating a workflow with slack where agents can collaborate on tickets received in Freshdesk

2. Twilio: Campaigntrack is testing the implementation of converting SMS messages into tickets by integrating it with Twilio.

3. Help Widget: This integration is helping Mike’s team to get customers reading more self-service articles and helping query deflection.

How Freshworks helped Campaigntrack achieve business continuity in the new normal

Businesses had to adapt to working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. While several companies struggled initially in managing operations, Campaigntrack was well prepared and transitioned smoothly into a remote work environment.

“We had disaster recovery plans in place, and Freshworks certainly forms a part of that. Being cloud-based, our accounts were accessible virtually anywhere, and customer service agents could log in from home. “ Mike explained.

Mike went on to further describe how the company handled the whole process before lockdowns were enforced in their locations: “Our operations are almost exclusively in the Philippines, but we have a small team in Australia. In March, we reviewed the situation and anticipated a lockdown in the Philippines. We were able to shift half our workforce to remote, and it was largely successful. That gave us the confidence that from the next day, we could have our operational staff entirely up and running from home. And we were very appreciative that we had that ability to do that with Freshworks. Since then, we have been working remotely, and all our metrics have continued to improve. In terms of the software itself, it has proven to be invaluable, and it's working really well.”

Understanding customer feedback and improving service performance

To ensure Campaigntrack was providing the right service experience they analyzed customer feedback to understand preferences when it came to solving issues. “The feedback we got from customers is that they were only interested in how quickly we were resolving inquiries and weren’t interested in how we did it.” Mike revealed, “We made measuring the effectiveness of traffic control and improving resolution time our first priorities.”

Campaigntrack’s support team focused on improving the first contact resolution to improve the speed of service. The objective was to ensure that queries were understood and solved correctly the first time without room for misinterpretation of requests or mistakes leading to rework and further clarification.

CampaignTrack used Freshworks’ customer satisfaction feature to calculate NPS and other important metrics to quantify customer feedback. Their efforts in providing responsive and effective resolutions for inquiries resulted in achieving an:

  • Average first response time of 4 mins
  • Average resolution time of 4 hours
  • Average first contact resolution of 60%

Freshworks provides a great user experience for the support team

While there is always an adjustment period when using any new system, Mike and his agents found the Freshworks platform quite simple and intuitive to use & implement. “The feedback from our employees has been overwhelmingly positive. We know that change is difficult, and as a company of 15 years, we have some employees who have been here for that long, and some who are brand new with all sorts of demographics.“ Mike said.

Mike’s team was especially appreciative of how easy it was to learn how to use the platform and how it enabled their employees to focus on helping the customer. “Our integration team did a good job with internal training, but ultimately, the real success was that Freshdesk was very user-friendly and intuitive, and our teams mastered it quite quickly. Suddenly everyone felt like they had more capacity because we moved away from that shared inbox.”

Next steps

Campaigntrack aims to further enhance their self-service capabilities having already implemented a Knowledge Base and help widget as part of the initiative. “We've just rolled out the knowledge base and the help widget, so that's in the early stages, and it’s part of our future in building our library of information to reduce customer reliance on our team,” Mike said.

Campaigntrack is also looking to integrate its CRM, phone system as well as social media with Freshdesk to create a holistic customer engagement platform.