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About Centrium CRM

Centrium CRM is a simple, affordable, user friendly CRM application for small and medium sized businesses. Started in 2011, Centrium makes it incredibly easy to manage contacts, store history and files, and track tasks. Already having garnered praise as one of the simpler and better designed CRMs around, the team is extremely service oriented and is intent on focusing all their efforts on making their customer experience extraordinary.


How Things Used To Work

A lean startup, Centrium was on the lookout for a support solution that shared their philosophy (“simple, uncluttered and support centered”). They wanted a email support system which would help them keep track of emails, as well as have a solid solutions package complete with a knowledge base. Other specific requirements included the ability to split and merge messages, automate tickets to get assigned to specific agents and basically keep everything organized.

“Freshdesk allows us to provide world class customer support - no delays, no lost e-mails or forgotten tweets. Thanks to the automation features and a sophisticated multi-channel ticket management system, everything is under control.”

Marcin Kurylak



The Freshdesk Experience

Centrium’s agents and customers loved Freshdesk almost immediately. They found in Freshdesk all of the features they were looking for, and some they didn’t know they needed.

They loved the ticket management aspects and the automation functions the most. They know that Freshdesk could scale with them; that a Day Pass to add occasional agents was just a few clicks away. This enabled them to keep their team small, just the way they wanted it. Freshdesk helps them provide world class customer support, second to none.

Centrium never looked beyond Freshdesk. Why would they? They loved it, so do their customers, and as far as they were concerned, that was enough. They do have some advice though - “We’d advise other companies to start and organize your help desk as soon as possible. Learn what works for you. Do not wait till your phone won’t stop ringing and email boxes are red hot. Think of it as a great opportunity for your business to shine.”

They chose Freshdesk to ‘shine’ their support up. And continue to swear by that choice.