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Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts takes pride in creating inspired hospitality experiences that linger, just like the fragrance of its namesake. 

A member of John Keells Holdings PLC, Srilanka’s largest listed conglomerate, Cinnamon is a diverse chain of 15 hotels and resorts across Sri Lanka and the Maldives. From city getaways to nature retreats, guests treat themselves to a 5-star holiday at Cinnamon. 

“We want every interaction to be a reflection of our hospitality”

Cinnamon embodies Sri Lanka’s legendary warmth and hospitality in every way. Its world-class staff leaves no stone unturned to infuse each moment with the comfort that makes an unforgettable holiday. This reputation for creating luxurious experiences attracts a large number of foreign travelers to Cinnamon. Scores of tourists from the USA, UK, Singapore, Australia, Germany, and India email Cinnamon to enquire about everything an anxious traveler would, from finding the perfect room to booking the best experiences.
Initially, these enquiries were picked up by different teams across properties, depending on who got to it first. However, with teams busy creating delightful experiences for guests on their properties, online enquiries did not get the attention they needed.
But for Cinnamon, these responses are the gateway to potential customers. Travelers always evaluate and reach out to multiple hotels when planning their holiday. The properties that respond the fastest are that much closer to winning them over. Thus by engaging with these travelers through their queries, Cinnamon has a valuable opportunity to showcase its famous hospitality and entice them to turn their enquiry into a booking.
Hasara Fernando, Assistant Manager - Online Marketing, wanted to make the most of this opportunity. She quickly realized that Cinnamon would be able to achieve a lot more with a central team focused on online enquiries that worked off a centralized platform. And that platform was Freshdesk. 

“Freshdesk has opened our doors to a whole new world of travelers”


With Freshdesk, Cinnamon has set up its customer-facing enquiries portal and a unified team to answer queries flowing through it. From room reservations and airport transfers to recreation and dining experiences, travelers are assured of getting the right information on any concern they may have. Behind the scenes, Freshdesk’s intelligent assignment rules automatically ensure that each query reaches the right agent, for an immediate and qualified answer.

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By allowing agents to respond to queries twice as fast, Cinnamon’s new support process has converted online enquiries into a revenue growth engine. By turning enquiries into guests, Cinnamon’s revenue is continuously on the rise. Hasara uses Freshdesk’s advanced analytics to track the queries that have resulted in a conversion, measure its business value, and understand how they can replicate this success. 

Freshdesk’s reports don’t stop with just measuring revenue. They also generate rich insights about Cinnamon’s potential customers, like the seasons they are most interested to travel during, the kind of activities that interest them, and the facilities they expect in a hotel. 
Knowing more about its customers has fuelled Cinnamon’s customer obsession to an even higher degree. With these data-backed insights, Cinnamon is able to surpass expectations and offer magical holidays with unforgettable memories. 
With Freshdesk, Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts continues to welcome an ever-growing number of tourists from around the world.