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About Clarity Business Travel

Clarity is a business travel agency that saves their customers time and money on their travel. They service a wide variety of sectors, including retail, infrastructure, professional services, sports, higher education, and many more.

Clarity has developed three core products to help provide a truly bespoke service to their customers:

  • Go2Book is an online booking tool, allowing travelers to book air, rail, hotel, car, taxi, and much more all in one easy-to-use tool.
  • Go2Track allows a company to quickly identify global risks and using advanced GPS software, track them anywhere in the world.
  • Go2Insight is an advanced reporting tool, using AI to provide a truly bespoke reporting function for its customers. From simple .CSV files to interactive dashboards that provide ways to drive down costs, while improving the booking experience.
changing tmc to clarity was the best decision i have made yet in my travel career changing tmc to clarity was the best decision i have made yet in my travel career

Clarity covers all bases when it comes to customer service

A multi-product B2B company with customers in varying degrees of technology adoption, Clarity wanted to ensure that their customer service teams were centralized and worked in sync with the operations team to create a robust customer service system. Clarity has expert teams specializing in specific sectors. This allows them to tailor their service to the individual customer.

We spoke to Annette Ritson, Customer Service Manager, and Roxanne Owen, Head of Online Operations, to understand how partnering with Freshworks has helped enhance their overall customer service experience.

Challenges Clarity faced with customer service management

Before Freshdesk, Clarity used team mailboxes within Outlook to collate customer emails before distributing them across the teams for action. This was slow and inefficient, requiring manual intervention to keep the process moving.

They also faced issues in pulling reports to analyze performance for clients. “If a client came to us and said we’d missed an SLA, it was a long-winded, manual process to try and establish the background to the service which had been provided”. Roxanne explained.

How Clarity used Freshdesk to provide quick, efficient service during the 2020 crisis

Covid-19 had a devastating impact on the travel industry, causing major disruption to global business travel. Clarity had to ensure they were on hand to support their customers, whether that was repatriating them back to their home country or helping to move key workers around the UK.

As you can imagine, this was not a 9-5 task, meaning a requirement to provide help and assistance at any time, day, or night.

“Freshdesk helped us in making sure that no matter what time of day, the customer could contact us on one platform, and we had complete visibility of the ticket and understood the history of the enquiry as well."

With Freshdesk, Clarity made sure they were in constant touch with travelers and assuring them they'll be able to get back home during this difficult period. But it was not just customer communication Clarity used Freshdesk for:

"As the months passed, we had to deal with other issues such as refunds and the process of going through the administration for customers who did not travel because of the lockdown, border restrictions, and supplier cancellations."

Achieving a simplified shift to remote work

When the pandemic hit, it forced companies to shift to a mostly remote-working model. Annette talked to us about how Clarity got their 650-strong workforce working remotely in just 72 hours with the help of Freshdesk. All this without losing contextual information or compromising the quality of service.

“The shift to remote working would have been very difficult without Freshdesk. I don't know how we would have managed since all our staff was working from home and most of us use Freshdesk for support and communication.”

Using automation to save time and optimize workflows

Over the last 12 months, Clarity has reviewed their branch setup within Freshdesk and realized it was overly complicated when compared to their requirements. They simplified this by making sure that each branch had only one group. Reducing any confusion when utilizing the system.

Next, they re-worked their ticket assignment workflows and made it a skill-based automated routing mechanism in Freshdesk based on what skills each agent had. They’ve also used grouping and ticket routing based on customer domain, and in some cases, have assigned dedicated staff to deal with certain companies or VIP travelers.

“We've put lots of automation behind our service tiering approach to make sure that the rules look at agent skill and priority of the customer. We've set up bespoke SLAs for each customer to make sure that we're meeting their needs and travel requirements.” Annette said, “By using the right routing process in Freshdesk and pivoting our business model we ensure our customer service and customer experience have the necessary impact.”

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Delivering high-quality customer experience at scale

Clarity measured CSAT, NPS, and customer effort scores (CES) to evaluate customer experience. From almost 22,000 responses, Clarity’s impressive numbers stand at 96% CSAT, 94% CES and a score of 81 in NPS, demonstrating their ability to provide excellent customer service at scale.

“Since the introduction of Freshdesk we’ve managed over 1.7 million tickets, and on average we receive 1,000 emails a day. Freshdesk has become an integral part of our organisation's customer support and communications. At least 65% of our team's time is spent on email management, and there has been a massive improvement because of Freshdesk.”

Annette Ritson

Customer Service Manager


Using chat to speed up resolutions

In certain scenarios, Clarity’s online support team has found it extremely helpful to use the messaging channel, Freshchat, to provide speedy resolutions. Roxanne explained “Chat has really helped us to provide solutions in real-time and we can guide our travelers to self-service when making bookings on our online booking tool. Chat is important to Clarity as it means we can help our customers to self-service in real-time reducing customer frustration and demands on our teams.

Since Freshchat was integrated with Freshdesk, any chat conversation could be easily converted into a ticket in Freshdesk if the chat could not be resolved through messaging.

chat convo clarity chat convo clarity

Looking ahead to 2021

Going into 2021, Annette explained Clarity is looking to expand their live chat offering, while also reviewing agent-assist options to provide a consistent level of service. 

“We are looking at improving our ability to provide customers with a variety of customer service options, whether that’s by phone, via email, or through Freshchat. We are implementing a new customer portal to give customers key information to make informed decisions. We are always looking to improve our knowledge base and technology to ensure we are always providing the best experience for our customers.”