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Over half of South Africa’s credit-active consumers are struggling to repay their debt. DebtBusters, a unit of South Africa’s largest debt management company, the Intelligent Debt Management Group (IDM Group), offers these citizens a lifeline to regain financial stability.   

DebtBusters believes that everyone deserves a second chance at building a healthy financial future. The organization have helped over 75,000 customers with debt consolidation, debt counselling and financial expertise to get their finances back on track.  

An increasing number of customers are turning to DebtBusters for its wide range of solutions and its empathetic, always-on customer support. The organization’s popularity has skyrocketed to such an extent that it has grown twice as fast as its competition over the last five years. For DebtBusters’ customer service team, this has presented the challenge of managing higher workloads with the same level of intimacy they are famous for. 

“Our mission is to guide our customers to financial wellbeing” 

The relationship between DebtBusters and its customers is built on trust. Customers are anxious about their financial wellbeing and rely heavily on DebtBusters to get there. From answering basic queries on account balances to helping customers with a reduced interest rate and lower fees which are negotiated with the credit providers on their behalf, DebtBusters’ customer service agents are always there for their clients. 

Initially, DebtBusters’ agents used their individual email addresses to respond to queries, which were then logged manually into their internal CRM. However, as volumes began to increase, the team realized that it was getting harder to manage customer queries effectively.  

The Customer Service team: 

  • had no insights on query volumes, trends and who was replying to which customers 

  • couldn’t access an agent’s inbox if they were out of office, which meant that customers had to wait for the agent’s return to get answers 

  • had no oversight into the quality of conversations and customer satisfaction scores 

  • couldn’t respond as fast as the customer had come to expect  

DebtBusters needed a modern, scalable approach to customer service if they had to sustain their service levels through the next phase of growth. 

The search for a solution led DebtBusters to Freshworks.  

“We can support every customer in the way they deserve” 

DebtBusters implemented Freshdesk for 146 agents to give every customer undivided attention, at scale. DebtBusters has overcome the limitations of shared inboxes to handhold every customer, even as the numbers grow. For the DebtBusters management team, this evolution has been possible through Freshdesk’s:  

  • Automated ticket routing:  Every customer query is routed to the right agent based on the product group, and the agent’s workload. This ensures speedy responses and high-quality, meaningful conversations. Agents are grouped by product, with Freshdesk’s automations routing queries to the right team using the round-robin functionality to balance workloads across agents. DebtBusters has done away with the time-consuming process of manual assignment. 
  • Visibility into the ticket life-cycle: Team leaders are aware of exactly how many queries have come in and what stage they are at in their life-cycle. No customer is missed out or left waiting for an answer. Leads can also re-assign a ticket if an agent is out of office, and ensure customers get the help they need from an available agent.  When a customer reaches out more than once about the same query, leads can merge these contacts into a single ticket to ensure that only one agent is working on it. This way, the customer doesn’t receive multiple, conflicting responses.  
  • Collaborative workflows: Agents don’t have to wait for days to chase down their colleagues for the inputs on a ticket. They collaborate seamlessly across functions from right within Freshdesk. This cuts down wait times for customers, which is always the goal.  
  • Insightful Reporting: DebtBusters uses Freshdesk’s comprehensive reporting to understand customers better. With Freshdesk’s open APIs, DebtBusters has also custom reports with the Geckoboard integration. By learning about their customers’ preferences and their agents’ performance, DebtBusters always finds ways to improve the customer experience. 

"We love the Freshworks experience, and want to keep our customer service tools within one company”  

Speed is critical when dealing with anxious customers, which is why DebtBusters have also added live-chat as a support channel. DebtBusters has implemented Freshchat, Freshworks’ modern messaging software, for instant, real-time responses. With Freshchat, agents give customers an immediate resolution without taking the longer route of email. For queries that need follow-ups from internal teams for a resolution, chats are converted into tickets and moved to email so that an agent can reply later. 

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Freshchat also helps DebtBusters provide real-time support to potential customers visiting their website, and generate more leads.  

DebtBusters has found the perfect companion in Freshworks for high-quality support that transforms lives.