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About Dineout

Over 40 million Indian diners are familiar with Dineout, one of the country’s largest restaurant tech platforms. Dineout helps its customers discover, book, and get great deals at over 50,000 restaurants across 20 cities, saving them as much as $100M on restaurant bills annually.

Like the journey of any other start-up, Dineout began its customer service operations on shared inboxes, managing communications manually with a small team. As the organization evolved, the team knew that had to make way for a more systematic solution that would help them interact with customers effectively. As Dineout began raking up $800M worth of transactions for its partner restaurants, the team doubled down on creating customer experiences as memorable as the dining ones.

The Freshworks journey

The Dineout team achieves this with the Freshworks customer service platform with the combined power of Freshdesk, the omnichannel cloud-based helpdesk, and Freshchat (now Freshdesk Messaging), the modern messaging platform. Predominantly used by the Complaints team, agents use tags and labels to categorize the nature of queries to study common trends and how they can convert them into long term improvements to the overall experience.

While email remains an ever-trusted channel of support for Dineout, the live chat experience has been the biggest hit with customers. Customers now get resolutions on their queries regarding order or service in just minutes. Thanks to the easy integrability of the Freshworks suite, Dineout has integrated their helpdesk and CRM to give agents complete context into the customer. This well-rounded knowledge of the customer helps keep conversations personal and well-informed, without the frustration of answering repetitive questions. 

Leveraging AWS platform capabilities

By hosting its platform on AWS, Freshworks can focus its resources on developing an easy-to-use and intuitive product while leveraging proven, reliable cloud infrastructure. With Freshworks products on AWS, agents can instantly access customer data from anywhere.

The way ahead

Dineout is in a stage of hyper-growth and is evolving rapidly despite a competitive marketplace. The team already engages with over 350 customer queries a day, a number that doubles during weekends or offer periods. And this is only set to grow.

With Freshworks by its side, Dineout is ready to charge ahead.