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  • Reports and Tags

  • Faster ticket processing and resolution


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About Diversey

Diversey is a global hygiene company that develops and delivers innovative products, services, and technologies that save lives and protect the environment. They’re market leaders in providing hygiene, infection prevention, and cleaning solutions. With a broad history of 95 years, the brand has become synonymous with a fully integrated suite of solutions that combine patented chemicals, dosing and dispensing equipment, cleaning machines, services, and digital analysis.

They serve more than 85,000 customers globally with a significant presence in 80 countries and networks of 8500+ employees globally. Their customers span the Hospitality, Retail, BSC, Foodservice, and other notable industries. They manufacture and supply partners with chemical products for their business (B2B), offer applications to improve their work. Ensuring effective, stable, and safe business development of our partners.

Diversey’s mission is to protect and care for people through leading hygiene, infection prevention, and cleaning solutions.

Why email is not meant for large organizations 

Email is beautiful and messy at the same time. On a good day, it acts as a single point of contact from where you can keep track of all your communications, and on a bad day, it becomes cluttered, confusing, and borderline pointless. It misses out on the growing needs of a business like Diversey. 

Their team was using email and email groups to interact with both their customers and employees. As a result, the context was lost, threads got confusing, it became difficult to establish who was working on which query, and accountability went for a toss as teammates often found themselves working on the same query. 

Diversey’s customer support team was suffering from challenges like

  • Clogged up inboxes due to high volumes of mail and phone
  • Repetitive tasks due to the lack of Automations
  • Lack of customer history 
  • Zero transparency into customer queries 
  • Loss of context and customer queries
  • No portal for customers/agents interaction
  • Impossible to route queries/problems to the right person
  • Longer ticket resolution times 

As unanswered emails/calls/chats, delayed responses, and a lack of reporting affected the quality and effectiveness of their service, Freshdesk became the first platform that synchronized work with hyper-effective solutions.

Experiencing convenience with Freshdesk

Freshdesk was deployed across multiple teams to monitor internal and external customer queries in global scenarios. The ability to monitor tickets and their lifecycles added much-needed transparency to how teams perform. Using a single platform to manage support as well as sales scenarios made room for a seamless experience across the office. 

Diversey deployed a system for manually accepting applications by e-mail for customers and partners who still use it as a way of communicating with the brand. Now emails turn into tickets directly on Freshdesk, which is a welcome move for those who find it difficult to navigate a ticketing system. 

“It is very convenient for such customers that the email now turns into an application(tickets) and they do not need to change their habits.”

Diversey’s customer service team is resilient and passionate about its customers and brand. They go above & beyond to make sure every customer and partner is happy with their products. But email proved to be a thorn in their flesh. 

When Freshdesk was first introduced to the team, they were elated and wowed by its amazing capabilities. Their team handles 150+ tickets per month on average, and the volume of tickets significantly dropped after switching to Freshdesk. They were now able to analyze tickets and solve several issues in one go, globally. Everything transformed into a much more peaceful and streamlined operation. 

Reporting added a new layer of transparency across the team. The team now flies through customer and business queries with ease and much-needed context. Collaboration takes the front seat as the context is never lost, and agents use Freshdesk to keep their team in the loop with the latest developments.

Having a tool like Freshdesk helps them bring all their business communication onto a single platform. Features like Omnichannel, Reporting, Canned responses, ticket types and intuitive UX makes their workdays more simpler and productive.

“The grouping of applications(tickets) has become more accurate and the processing speed has improved. Customers who have mastered the new system receive support much faster and many like it.”

Key results with Freshdesk

With Freshdesk, Diversey is now able to streamline its operations across different touchpoints of its business and is able to focus on scaling the brand. they handle more volumes of tickets/queries with almost equal to or lesser effort than before.

Freshdesk brought in a much-needed overview of their team. Tracking all tickets on a single dashboard makes life simple and helps them focus on more important tasks. 

Their favorite features on Freshdesk include Canned responses, ticket types, and Reporting
It helps their team, work from the inside of a ticket with zero compromises on context. 
Tickets get auto-assigned based on priority.

Diversey’s team now overlooks ticket assignments and keeps track of business SLAs, something that was non-existent in email. 

Ticket types make it easy to spot a ticket with unresolved issues. All one needs to do is search for a particular issue and all the tickets belonging to that issue instantaneously show up. Every agent becomes more productive as they’re not looking into queries that don’t need their attention. 

Diversey has unlocked optimized productivity and across-the-board transparency with Freshdesk. Scaling according to demand has become easy and no customer query ever goes missing. It goes without saying that while email for business will help you get started, great customer experiences start with a robust omnichannel helpdesk solution like Freshdesk.