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The Company

DTI Management is one of the most popular players in the secondary ticket market. They started up in 1999 by buying and selling live event tickets through classified ads. Today, they are a platform that handles ticket inventory for brokers who resell tickets for all kinds of events across the US, including concerts and sports leagues, through exchanges like Stubhub, VividSeats, and nine other platforms.

DTI Management ensures that customers get access to the best deals for any event across the country by leveraging its network of trustworthy sellers, who prefer the platform over other players because of their minimal seller fee.

The company takes customer service seriously: their agents are expected to do whatever they can to ensure that customers experience the best possible service from the time of ticket purchase to delivery.

The Problem

With over 120 members generating several hundred million in sales annually, DTI Management gets a flurry of questions everyday from members on managing their ticket inventory inside the platform. While their agents initially used Zendesk to talk to sellers and customers alike, the costs per agent added up pretty quickly as the team expanded. Over time, they faced several other issues with Zendesk. According to George Cremeans, Freshdesk Liaison for DTI Management, "With Zendesk it wasn't just one thing, it was a handful of small things. At the time I was working in our member services department and what really fuelled me to find this alternative was its lack of HTML rendering. It was not intuitive and even at the end none of us really knew how to use it entirely."

With this setup, tracking which agent was handling a particular issue or the time spent on a specific issue was next to impossible. Neither could they find a way to identify recurring issues or ones that took a long time to be solved due to the lack of a distinct reporting scheme. Moreover, they could only guess at the productivity of their agents since there were no clear metrics defining it.

The Solution

DTI Management turned to Freshdesk to enable them to better support their ticket sellers and buyers. They currently have 50 agents using Freshdesk’s team inbox for email ticketing. They have set up an internal knowledge base for agents to find answers to common questions, and use Dispatch’r rules to integrate and simplify communication through multiple touchpoints.

“Prior to Freshdesk, we had no real way to track metrics. Now, with the help of reports from Freshdesk, we can quickly track our biggest issues and fix them every week. From chaos, we now have order. This wouldn't have been possible without Freshdesk.”

George Cremeans

Lead QA/Automation Engineer

DTI Management

The Benefits

DTI Management has seven departments handling customer and seller issues, including finance, sales. Freshdesk makes it significantly easier for them to direct queries to the right departments. Using the Automatic Ticket Dispatch rules, they consolidated their seven support emails to just one. Customers can now use the one support email address and have their issue routed automatically to the right department. Even the company's largest department accepts issues only via internal tickets. This helps them keep better track of time spent resolving issues, with a full log of actions taken. In addition, DTI Management set up a knowledge base to facilitate internal knowledge sharing. Thanks to the knowledge base, agents in all departments have the most important and up-to-date information in front of them when interacting with customers.

Managers now have the ability to supervise each team’s activity separately and keep a comprehensive log of all actions taken, which helps them track and improve resolution times. Freshdesk’s extensive reports provide DTI Management with a powerful way of measuring performance and productivity. The ‘Group-At-A-Glance’ report, in particular highlights the top issues for each team, thus helping them prioritize their product roadmap. The data that they now have access to also allows them to forecast activity for upcoming seasons, enabling their business to better plan for platform and support spikes.

Thanks to Freshdesk, DTI Management is now able to anticipate demand and plan better so they can provide better customer service. Customers are happier and return to purchase more tickets than ever before.