• Low customer satisfaction 
  • Inadequate reporting and customer insights 
  • High CSAT
  • Reduced response times
  • Actionable customer insights


CSAT Score


Decrease in First Resolution Time


No. of passengers per annum 

7 million

About Edinburgh Trams

Edinburgh Trams is an award-winning tram operator and infrastructure manager based in Scotland’s capital city. With a fleet of 27 trams operating seven days a week, Edinburgh Trams offers fast, frequent services to over 7.3 million passengers annually. Edinburgh Trams takes service reliability very seriously and it operates at a 98.84% service reliability rate and 98.89% punctuality rate. 

Customer Service at Edinburgh Trams

Prior to the introduction of Freshworks, Edinburgh Trams’ Customer Services was shared with their sister organization Lothian Buses as part of an existing Service Level Agreement.  As Edinburgh Trams matured as an organization, the decision was made to bring the Customer Services operation in-house, so that Customer Relations Officers at Edinburgh Trams could provide personalized advice to customer in a timely and accurate fashion

From Chaos to Control

After evaluating multiple platforms, Edinburgh Trams chose the dynamic duo of Freshdesk and Freshchat (now Freshdesk Messaging) to manage all incoming customer queries. Edinburgh Trams wanted to unify all customer communications on a single platform. This included email, phone, help-center, chat, and social media. The key reason to go with Freshworks was the ease of managing incoming tickets from all these channels. After implementing the Freshworks platform in February 2016, the team has achieved a massive improvement in CSAT.

“By bringing Customer Relations in-house, we were able to increase customer satisfaction with quicker response times”

Hicham “Mitch” Tamraoui

Senior Customer Relations Officer

Edinburgh Trams

Succeeding with Freshworks

Freshworks has brought about significant improvements to customer service at Edinburgh Trams. 

Reduction in average response time

The average response time to customer queries across channels has been brought down from 20 days to just 1 hour.

CSAT increase from 10% to 95%

The customer service team uses the live-chat functionality on the website to provide real-time information and updates on tram timings, schedule changes, delays and more. The team also has access to complete customer profiles, past conversations and booking history so that they can reply with context. As a result, CSAT is in the fast lane going from a low of 10% to 95%. 

Actionable customer insights

Customer feedback and insights were missing in the previous system. The analytics and reporting in Freshdesk help the team remove bottlenecks and make long-term service improvements. For example, Edinburgh Trams had introduced credit card payments that mandated a £3 minimum spend. Ticket trend data revealed a lot of frustration due to this policy and the team used this information to remove the minimum spend and improve the purchase experience.

With customer service back on track, Edinburgh Trams is expanding its network by 2023. They are looking forward to scaling with Freshworks.

“Implementing Freshworks has brought about a huge change in the way we manage our customer service”