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  • Complex team structure
  • Integration inefficiency
  • Freshdesk
  • Freshchat
  • Freshbots
  • Freshsales
  • Customer 360
  • Powerful integration
  • WhatsApp integration
  • Slack integration

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About Exabytes

Based out of Malaysia, Exabytes is a leading Cloud Service Provider that powers over 140,000+ websites in 120 countries. They provide a one-stop website solution, including cloud hosting, email hosting, dedicated servers, domain name registration, digital marketing, and more. 

The competitive differentiator that Exabytes provides in the market is their ability to build trust & confidence by means of providing excellent customer service. To bolster this, Exabytes decided to choose Freshdesk’s platform to unify its customer-facing teams in their efforts to provide a delightful experience for their customers.

Easing the workload on agents with Freshchat

For Exabytes, their website is their primary channel, accounting for 70% of their inbound leads. Considering the high volume in website traffic, Chan Kee Siak, the CEO of Exabytes, realized that enabling self-service and live-chat was vital for their customer service.

By replacing their live-chat tool with Freshchat for its integration capabilities, conversational self-service, and easy to deploy chatbot, Chan’s team was able to restructure their support architecture for scale. Chatbots easily handled routine queries and requests that required staff-intervention were routed to support agents on Freshdesk. What’s more? With Freshchat, Exabytse is taking the right steps to get closer to the customer on the channel of their choice by:

  • Featuring live-chat on Exabytes mobile app for a faster way to connect to their mobile customers, and

  • Extending their customer service to WhatsApp as a channel that constitutes 25% of their support volume.

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Building a 360-degree customer view with Freshsales

To include CRM in the customer service mix, Exabytes chose Freshsales to replace Pipedrive to give their sales team a 360-degree view of the customer across their lifecycle. Having a highly structured sales team (S.M.I.L.E) that is compartmentalized based on customer size and business-model, Exabytes deployed rules and workflows for routing customer conversations to the appropriate team. 

With the Freshsales-Freshdesk native integrations, agents on Freshdesk can easily convert sales-inquiries into leads on Freshsales, thereby giving the sales team visibility into the lead’s website activity and support history for having contextual conversations.

In addition to the sales team, Exabytes renewal team also uses Freshsales to maximize customer retention. With a complete view of the customer’s activity and engagement history, the renewal team keeps track of every account’s issues and requests for timely resolution on Freshdesk.

“Because of the integration of Freshdesk, Freshchat, and Freshsales, we get a complete overview of the customer journey.”


Founder & CEO


Improving CSAT scores with a unified customer service platform

Once the Exabytes team had unified their live-chat, email, and WhatsApp, they also connected their CTI provider, 3CX, with Freshdesk. This allows support agents to answer customer calls directly on Freshdesk, making it easier for the support team to use one single platform for customer engagement needs.
Ticket ownership & accountability was paramount to Exabytes customer service. The team leveraged Omniroute, Freshdesk’s automated routing mechanism, to assign customer queries to the right agent based on availability & skills and configured SLAs for escalation management to ensure teams deliver on service promises across channels.

Freshdesk’s integration with Slack made it easier for the support team to collaborate internally on customer issues. From ticket notifications on relevant channels and providing customer context to other teams, customer-facing teams can now extend ticket visibility for faster resolution.

With the Freshworks platform for a unified customer service platform and a 360-degree customer view, Exabytes has been able to deliver customer engagement with a 94% CSAT score consistently.