Favorite Integrations
  • Freshsales
  • Talkdesk
  • Slack
  • Ability to have sub conversation inside the ticket using a forward function

Avg. First Assign Time (85% reduction)

36 min

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About EzTix Event Ticketing

EzTix began with the simple idea to create a ticketing solution for the kinds of events we love to attend. They understood the needs and pain points of event booking and set out to solve them. Starting with food festivals, culinary tours and tastings, their founder, Jeremy Mitchell, began working with a small group of event producers to design a solution.

Transition to Freshdesk from Zendesk

Eztix was using Zendesk prior to using Freshdesk. For a variety of reasons, like customer support from Zendesk and other product related reasons that didn’t fulfil their business requirements, the team was looking for a better customer support platform. In Zendesk, they were constantly redirected when they needed support in using the product. They also found it expensive, and as a result the quest began in search of a quality customer support product. A one that gave them more value for money and were also approachable for support at the same time.

How EzTix chose Freshdesk

Jeremy knew about Freshdesk from before, so when he was looking at a Zendesk alternative, it was the first thing in his mind. Jeremy began a thorough research on the Freshdesk product. He had made the decision to migrate to Freshdesk even before the sales team made their pitch. "All the third party reviews we read were positive and more than that, the demo itself was crisp and clear. The Freshdesk team walked us through every aspect covering the EzTix pain points”, admits Jeremy. The one thing that stands out for Eztix is the support and customer experience offered by Freshdesk. Another area that was crucial was the integration capabilities with Freshsales CRM. Jeremy reaffirms, “having a customer support tool and CRM from the same suite of products with the ability to communicate between them provided a great business value."

Using Freshdesk

The Eztix support team finds Freshdesk product easy to use with straightforward onboarding and in general had a great adoption of the platform. The API access is quite helpful for Eztix and the ticketing and notifications are also a value add for the EzTix team. One of the things Jeremy says he likes about Freshdesk is, “the ability to forward a ticket to a third party at the background, hidden from the customer.” This was critical for their business, as they represent hundreds of businesses. Previously they had to create a separate ticket, just to reach out to the organizers.

Eztix has a similar kind of business as Freshdesk, working with technologies. Jeremy is an expert on technology and has an eye for great products. Coming from Jeremy, it’s a big compliment for the Freshdesk product and comes as ratification that we are going in the right direction on building a world class product.

Future with Freshdesk

Jeremy Mitchell is quite certain that if Freshdesk continues to have the same evolution of product like before, they are in for a long relation.

“I am eager for new things, new changes in the product but I am not eager to change the support product itself”

jeremy mitchell
Jeremy Mitchell